Things To Consider When Travelling To Oman

If you are planning a holiday to Oman, “The Sultanate of Oman” is a journey in which you can make your
visions of 1001 nights a reality.

When first arriving in Oman, you can get your 30-day tourist visa at Muscat International Airport, which is
quite easy to do. Before you travel, you can check the local government’s website regarding Oman visa.
In regards to obtaining a visa, click-through to visit this site for more information.

There are several things you need to keep in mind if you plan to travel to Oman. The best time to visit
Oman is during the months of November to Mid-March as that’s when the temperature ranges an
average of 25° Celsius. The summertime in Oman gets rather hot and misty. The month of September in
southern Oman is beautiful, particularly after the rainy season, when everything turns green. If you plan
to visit the desert regions of Oman, be sure to bring warm clothing, as it does get extremely cold during
the night.

It is best to avoid travelling to Oman for vacation during the months of June through August as the
summer heat can get pretty scorching these months reaching upwards of 50° Celsius.

When you travel in Oman it is important that you are aware of the proper attire that should be adorned.
Women should cover knees, shoulders, and cleavage, and if you plan to visit the mosques, women need
to cover their hair and ankles as well. The men need to also follow the same rules to their attire as well,
except for covering their hair.

Money in Oman

You will need to be quite careful with how you spend your money in Oman. The current exchange rate
(June 2018) is 1 Omani rial to £1.94 GBP or $2.60 USD. It might seem like things are pretty cheap when
you hear a taxi costing just 3 rial, however, that is actually close to £6 GBP or $8.00 USD.

Rials notes come for 100 baisa, 1⁄2 rial, 1 rial, 5 rial, 10 rial, 20 rial, and 50 rial. The baisa, which is what is
considered ‘small money’, is 1,000 baisa for 1 rial. If you are able to, it would be a good idea to change
up about 50 rial notes as soon as you arrive to be used at hotels and restaurants. You should also keep
some biasa on hand for the small purchases as well.

Travel Tips

When travelling in Oman you need to know a few tips about planning your trip. Below, we’ve given you
five of the best tips that help make your trip memorable.

1. Plan Around The Weekend: Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend in Oman.
Therefore, you may find that several businesses, as well as attractions, are closed on these days.
It’s best to visit the main attractions during mid-week and early hours. This way you will miss the
crowds and the heat of mid-day hours.

2. Plan Around The Afternoon Hours: If possible, plan your day so that you are indoors from
12:00 PM until about 3:00 PM as this is the hottest part of the day. If you go out after 4:00 PM,
you will find that it is much cooler and you can take photographs very well as the light is perfect.

3. Allow Time For Any Delays: Plan a little extra for travel time due to the roads are under
construction and you may experience delays.

4. Know That It Will Not Be Cheap: When you visit Oman, keep in mind that this is not going to be
an inexpensive trip. You will find that your main expenditures are going to be on lodging and
transportation. Hotels are not cheap in Oman, with the cheapest options being from 12 rials to 14
rials per night (£23 – 27 GBP or $31 – 36 USD). If you want anything that is in the medium range,
you will be spending about 75 OR (£145 GBP or $195 USD) and this goes only higher in some
areas of the city.

5. Limited Public Transportation Options: Because public transportation is limited, if you wish to
hire a car, it can cost anywhere from 15 rials (£29 GBP or $39 USD) per day. Transportation can
get extremely expensive because most of the sightseeing involves the use of a 4WD vehicle and
that can cost anywhere from 30 rials (£58 GBP or $78 USD) a day. If you hire a driver with the
4WD, it can cost more than double the price of the 4WD by itself.

Just remember, when visiting Oman do as you would when be visiting any foreign place. Respect the
locals and keep an eye on your expenditures. Because you could quickly run out of money if you’re not
careful. Most of all, have fun, enjoy learning, and exploring a new culture, their food, and the historic
sites that are plentiful in Oman.

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