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CanvasChamp Review and Giveaway

We all love taking photos, whether it is a quick snap from your phone or a camera, and we like sharing them with family and friends either on social media, or by messages and emails, but sometimes we have that one photo that is a little more special, one that we would like to display.

If you have often thought about turning a photo into a canvas print but been put off because of the price, then I may just have a great company, CanvasChamp are a company that offers canvas prints at an affordable price in a variety of sizes.

CanvasChamp offered me the opportunity to review their service and also offer one of my readers a chance to win their own canvas print.

The whole process is very easy, once you have chosen the size you require you then start your ordering process by uploading your desired picture and positioning onto the on-screen guide, once you are happy with the layout you then finalise your order.

This shows a upclose image of the canvas, the total finish is good and just as I expected.

With prices starting at £3.89 canvas prints are becoming much more affordable and even better would make great presents.

As well as canvas prints CanvasChamp offer a variety of different options from and textures to print on.

CanvasChamp have also kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win their own 10 x 8 canvas, please see below on how to enter.


Canvas Champ Giveaway

I am very impressed with the ease of ordering my canvas to communication and the actual canvas, I know I will be ordering more in the future.

Good luck to everyone who enters x

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  1. I would use a photo of my three children if I was lucky enough to win, I haven’t gotten round to taking them for photos yet, my youngest is 14 months old now so I really should have xxx

  2. My sister just had professional photos done of her 2 week old baby, I would get one of those done for her as she has no prints

  3. I have a favourite photograph i took of a Cornish Lugger early in the morning with the sun just rising and the light hitting the water. It looks amazing and i would love this put onto canvas and up on our living room wall.

  4. We have a family portrait. The only picture with just the 3 of us. That’s what I’d get put onto canvas x

  5. l would love one of our wedding with my lovely hubby and our 2 girls as bridesmaids, its such a wonderful memory

  6. A photo of me the mr & the children together at my sister in laws weddinh…. it’s about the only photo I like with me in it since our daughter was born!
    Would look lovely in our new home

  7. Possibly family with new addition. Always nice to include a new baby in a family photograph/ picture.

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