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I love reading Tori’s blog, although I am a few years past the stage she is at now, it brings back happy memories and also I can have a little chuckle to myself that I am glad to be past that stage (sorry Tori).

So when I got the opportunity to guest again on her blog I was more than happy to say yes.

No matter whether you are the type of person who lives for Christmas or you just want to hide away until it is all over, we all have traditions, no matter how small or big they are.

Tradition Number 1Decorating the house – My Dad always put the lights up outside our house every year, but luckily he kept them up last year and we just turned them off, as there is no way he could put them up this year due to his health and my husband who has just had a knee operation.  We always turn the lights on outside our house on 1st December.  We switch them on, all go outside ooh and aah and say how pretty they are before heading back indoors to the warmth.

The tree and decorations inside the house are usually around the first weekend in December, although they haven’t been done yet, so will be going up at some stage soon.

Tradition Number 2 – Making Lists – I am not a list person, they just do not work for me, I like planning and for business I have planners and diaries. But day to day I just can not do lists.  My Mum has to make lists, she hates shopping with me and giving me her list if I just go along with her and am not doing any, as we end up one end of the shop and having to go back to the beginning.  But we have to have a list for what we need for christmas, I mean why do we have to do this, we have the same thing more or less every year, so why does she need to write a list and mention it every 5 minutes.  This years list has been written and shoved under my nose a few times, but I never have my glasses with me so haven’t glanced and said yes that is fine yet.

Tradition Number 3 – Baking – This is my favourite tradition, ever since I was a little girl I would make sausage rolls and mince pies for christmas, always making these on Christmas Eve.  I put christmas songs on and sing along while baking.  This I have been doing with my Daughter since she was toddling and she loves helping, although now at 12 it might be just too much effort to leave her iPad or Phone for a short while.  This year I am making Sausage Rolls, Shortbread biscuits, cookie dough ice cream, although the cookie dough I will make the day before as it will be easier. You can find these recipes on my blog

Tradition Number 4 – The Big Clean – The house is cleaned top to bottom on Christmas Eve, luckily I have my Mum on hand who does a lot of it, while I am in the kitchen baking.

Tradition Number 5 – Shopping – This is when I go into a panic mode, have I got enough food, presents, and usually end up out for an hour having a mooch for that last minute bargain, I always think I have never got enough for someone (usually the kids).

Tradition Number 6 – The Pub – We are very lucky to have a pub 2 doors away, and usually by late afternoon we head to the pub for a couple of drinks and meet up with friends who live in the same village, although last year we were there for quite a while.  We have a few drinks and relax, as all the hard work is done, and it is christmas a nice glass of mulled wine and a baileys latte are always tried by me 🙂

Tradition Number 7 – Getting Ready for Father Christmas –  After the baths and hair washes, come on no time in the morning as we are all too busy, we go outside and sprinkle the reindeer food and then leave a mince pie and a drop of something for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph, before trying to get an excited child to sleep.  Although I do not think this will be happening this year, my Daughter is 12 but can I find out whether she still believes or not – No she is giving nothing away.

Tradition Number 8 – Being Santa – You have waited and waited for ages for the kids to go to sleep, and you then go into Santa mode, setting out all the presents without making a noise, leaving crumbs on the plate where the mince pie once was, and creeping around until you can finally relax with a huge smile of satisfaction on your face.

Tradition Number 9 – Getting Up – My Daughter will maybe ask about 2ish if it is time to get up, we tell her no go back to sleep.  This is the only day myself and my husband are wide awake by 5-6ish waiting for her to wake up.  You can not even go downstairs to make a drink as you don’t want her to hear and follow and see it all without you knowing, and there is only so many times you can go to the loo and making noise without making noise.  She does finally wake up and then the fun starts, and we can go and see if he has been and the present opening starts.

Tradition Number 10 – Breakfast – Ok we have been up for ages, and I have had my coffee, but my parents follow on a tradition from my Grandad that has been in our family for generations, and I sit there going yuck, gammon and pork pie.  I mean for breakfast no, I have voiced my opinion on this since I was little so everyone knows my view.

Tradition Number 11 – Dinner – This is mine and my husbands domain, we prep everything and get the turkey in the oven and between us it doesn’t really take too long.  Although we all know what men are like in the kitchen, they have to use even pan, bowl and utensil they can find, so I am washing up every few minutes and clearing away as much as I can, but he cooks a mean christmas dinner so can be forgiven.

Tradition Number 12 – Christmas Drink – my Dad loves going to the pub for a couple of beers christmas lunchtime, all the neighbours are in there and it is such a lovely atmosphere, so we all go along, before heading home and then my husbands parents turn up (I am so lucky that my inlaws are lovely and everyone gets on so well together).  So it is christmas part 2 as more presents are given out and opened.

Tradition Number 13 – Christmas Dinner – This is the main event everyone sits down together and we have a chat and a laugh and generally have a great time, my Daughter loves it as she always sits in the middle of both her Grandads, Clever Grandad one side (this is my Dad he once got about 4 toys out of a grab machine for her when she was little) and Grumpy Grandad the other side, who sits with his Bah Humbug hat on all day.

Tradition Number 14 – Table Presents – We always have little table presents which we open in between main course and pudding, usually something small and silly, be we all love doing it.

No wonder you feel shattered at Christmas with so much to do.

Do you have any traditions?


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