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Lean Greens Giveaway

Health is something many of us take for granted, or feel it is harder to look after our bodies giving ourselves the nutrients we need. But it does not have to be with Lean Greens and also your chance to give this product a try with my latest giveaway.

Lean Greens was created in 2012, they understand that not everybody is sporty or wanting to drink some disgusting concoction to make us feel we are being healthy.  They wanted to create a nutritional product that tasted good. With their mantra ‘tastes good, does good’ they created their signature product Super Greens Powder,  which uses only the purest natural ingredients.

  • Gorgeous Greens – Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella and  Alfalfa
  • Very Vegetably – Spinach, Broccoli and Carrot
  • Brilliant Berries – Blackcurrant and Blueberry
  • Every Enzyme – Digestive Enzyme Blend
  • Marvellous Metabolism – Green Tea Extract, Siberian Ginsent and Stevia Leaf

All mixed with Matodextrin for a smooth and neutral flavour.

The best time to use the powders is in the morning, as you can see from the above the drink is prepared in minutes, and in return the benefits you will feel are –

Less Cravings – give your body a boost with nutrients and the brain, you will find that you have less cravings for surgary food and caffeinated drinks, and will feel fuller for longer.

Less Bloating – Green Powder benefits your gut as well.  The combination of the alkalising ingredients and the digestive enqymes are a great way to improve gut health, so you should find you no longer have that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Improved Bowels – you should notice healthier and more regular bowel movements after using the product consistently for 2-3 weeks.

Natural Energy – the alkalising ingredients found in the powder causes the body to function better, without it being stressed, this added to the energy and metabolic ingredients, you will feel increased energy levels.

If you would like to try this for yourself, you can order direct from the Lean Greens website prices vary depending on the size you purchase.  Or you can enter my giveaway to win a pot of 250g of the super greens powder, plus a shaker and they will add in a few surprises.  See below for entry details

Lean Green Giveaway


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  1. The best time is in the morning for the reasons mentioned in your post, but also I imagine if you start your day off right, then you are more likely to make better choices throughout the day.

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