Benefits of encouraging your child to learn to swim

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Encouraging your child to learn how to swim has a number of advantages, from offering countless hours of fun, an opportunity to socialise, to providing a wide variety of health benefits which can help to keep your child healthy and happy at the same time – a win-win situation. Therefore, it is no doubt that swimming is one of the most popular extra-curricular activities that children enjoy.

Here are some reasons to encourage your child to take up swimming:

Health and Safety

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Swimming is a great way to get your child to take part in low-impact exercise, which can have many benefits that target the whole body, from keeping your child’s heart and lungs healthy, to even improving posture. Due to our children’s bodies changing often, and quickly, as they develop and grow, it is important for children to get the correct amount of exercise to help burn off fat and excess energy. This can help your child to maintain a healthy weight and improve your child’s quality of sleep, which has a number of benefits in itself. In addition, going for a dip in the pool regularly can develop strong bones and muscles, as well as improve flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, teaching your child to learn how to swim is a fantastic way to help build up their confidence around water, and encourages them to learn about the potential hazards if they don’t behave properly around the water, such as drowning. However, it is always sensible to use kids arm bands whilst your child is learning and building-up confidence, to prevent any accidents from happening.

Self-Confidence and Life Skills

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With every new skill and accomplishment your child makes, the more their self-confidence will develop. The process of learning to swim inspires your child set goals and learn to persevere until they accomplish their targets. Added to this, swimming is a fantastic way to teach your child that if they put their mind to something, and dedicate time and effort, they can succeed; a great life-long lesson to introduce to your child from a young age.

Social Benefits


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Although swimming is often an individual sport, attending swimming lessons or going swimming with friends or family is a great way to develop social skills. For instance, it can help form good manners, teach children how to act around others, and how to respect other people’s space.


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Many children love being in water and splashing around, whether it be in the bath, a paddling pool, swimming pool or the sea. Taking your child to your local swimming pool with kids water toys and inflatable pool toys in hand are a great way to keep your little one active, whilst taking some time out to have some fun, and spend some quality family time together with your child.

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