Fun Ways To Keep The Kids Fit And Healthy This Summer

I know we are only in March, and there is the threat of more snow again this week, but before we know it the nicer warmer weather will be here, and not far away and then the summer holidays, when our children will be exciting, bored and bouncing off the walls, so I have come up with some fun ways to keep the kids fit and healthy this summer. Skatehut have some great products available that will help get the family outside and having fun.



When my Daughter was younger, I used to hate the word Heeleys haha, she would go on and on about wanting some, half the school had them and she was desperate for a pair,  her best friend was not allowed a pair, so rightly or wrongly we decided not to get her a pair as they were always together.  You can not fail to go out and see kids wearing their heelyes, even going around the supermarket you see them, I suppose it makes shopping a bit more entertaining. They can also be worn as trainers so when in a busy area they can walk also. Give your child a pair of Heeleys and they will quite happily play out in the garden, go for walks, or anything else that gets them out having fun in the fresh air.





All children love scooters, it is one toy they all want and all love, they can not wait to get out in the garden whizzing up and down, even walking to and from school you see them happily going along on their scooters.  We got our Daughter a new one for Easter one year as her old one had broken, unfortunately the weather was cold and raining, so she decided using it in doors was just as fun until she could go out.  She used to love walking the dogs with me while she came along on her scooter or popping down to the local shops.


I remember playing on skateboards when I was little, I was never allowed one but it did not stop me playing with my friends.  I was never very good but we still had fun.  These days skateboards come in a variety of designs and styles to suit any level of ability.  Great fun for kids as they can learn new tricks, or most parks have sections with ramps to practice and show of skills and tricks they have learnt.


I used to love my skates when I was younger, although they were never like the skates you can get today.  We used to have to tie them onto our shoes and adjust them to fit.  Now you get roller boots or inline boots.  My Daughter used to love going to a local roller disco and would love skating around to the music and playing the games with her friend.  One evening us parents decided to have a go, I thought it would be easy, it is slightly different putting a pair of skates on after decades of not using them, all I can say is after standing up and trying to move I very nearly did the splits, so off they came for my own safety, My Daughter loved her skating sessions and these are great fun to get the kids out and about.


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