5 Creative ways to Incorporate Artificial Palm trees in Office Space

Any reference to palm trees usually paints the picture of sunny skies and relaxing vacation. The huge
radiating fronds resting on a soaring tower effectively symbolize honor, expansion, and aspiration. As
they are the perfect artifacts to represent the work culture and mission of any professional setup, they
are hugely in demand and the most preferred choice as indoor plants these days. And if you are looking
for an all-inclusive, one-time maintenance option, then silk palm trees are the best solution to all your
needs. Silk plants offer the advantage of being very real and maintenance-free at the same time. Also,
being tropical plants, palm trees may be difficult to care for and maintain, but the high-quality silk plants
offer a relief from this problem and add warmth to the interiors.
Palm trees create an exotic ambiance and evoke luxury and thus can be used to design both homes and
office spaces. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the most important part in styling any space is
to choose the one appropriate for the space. The purpose constitutes the next important part of styling.
Here are some interesting ways in which you could effectively use palm trees in your offices to make a

Near the entrance

If you like to be experimental and make a lasting and bold statement with your decor, placing the silk
palm trees near the entrance would work best for you. Not only will the staff be entering the workplace
in a cheerful mood, but the visitors would also leave with the feeling of having visited a tropical party in
the name of work. This will change the entire vibe and feel of the workspace and will certainly work in
your favor.

In the cafeteria

Ever wondered about bringing the experience of lunching at a Hawaiian or Mediterranean restaurant to
your workplace? Then here is a simple solution to materialize your fantasy. Installing silk palm trees of
varying heights and different species in and around the dining area can work magic. They instantly bring
in the ambiance and can efficiently transport you mentally to those regions.


Interesting placement of palm trees would be in the lounging area. You could create the beach effect by
having a hammock tied to two palm trees where the staff could relax and unwind in-between sessions.

Recreation section

This would perhaps be the best choice for placing palm trees in an office. Their placement anywhere
around this section would set the mood and bring in the feeling of relaxation and being on vacation. Tall
palm trees could be installed on the way, and creative signage could be used on them to direct the
people to the designated rooms.

Near the coffee vending machine

You could use your creativity and create an oasis around this area, using fake palm trees, for an exotic
experience while having just a cup of coffee or, even, a cup of plain water.
Any step towards making working a pleasurable experience is always welcome and well received. So
why not give it our best?

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