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February Roundup

I have somehow managed to get to the middle of March, and realise i have not posted my February Roundup, I swear it was only the end of February a day or so ago.

As always I will start off with C, February was a very hard month for all of us. Since January C has been having 24/7 migraine type headaches that have just not shifted.  I know that this means that her medication needs adjusting as this is one of her ME symptoms.  This unfortunately was harder than you would think, and I had many a phone call often emotional and me even losing it with our GP Receptionists, you can read all about it here, but I did managed to get her medication increased finally with the help of our wonderful Consultant.

Also in February C changed tutors, we were both really sad to say goodbye to her old Tutor, but in reality we were having to cancel more often than she was having tuition.  However, we have a new Tutor who has now been working with C for the last two weeks, who is like a breath of fresh air, she also suffers with ME and Fibroymalgia, so can really understand how C is feeling.  They can both talk about it and she is a mind of information, I am in love with her already.  She is working well with C and even managed a two-hour tutor session, which is the most she has done since becoming ill in 2015.

On the whole February was a horrible month for us all with C, but hopefully things will now improve, although she is now complaining of her eyes, so need to try to get her to the opticians when she is well enough to go out.

In other news, I had an amazing day with my gorgeous Granddaughter, I am totally in love with her and she is now smiling and knows the words where is Nanny, and her whole face lights up and the cutest smile spreads across her face.  As I can not get over very often I do have video chats with her, and she has so much to tell me.  I went with my Mum and my Mother and Father in Law came as well, as my Mother in law had not met her great-grandchild and had been itching for cuddles, meaning I had to share L.  Am going again next week for my dose of Nanny cuddles and can not wait.

I have also become a Nanny again to a gorgeous Grandson, sadly we have not met him yet but have had plenty of pictures send through to keep up to date.  My Son is a very proud Daddy to his son, and I get quite emotional when I talk to him and hear the pride in his voice.  He may only be 19 (and far too young in my opinion but these things happen), but he is going to be a great Dad.

February was pretty quiet for us, mainly due to C, how was your February hope it was good to you?

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    1. February was a mix of ups and downs but we got through it, thank you I love being a Nanny and all the cuddles I get x

  1. Many young people make great parents I have known many older parents do a terrible job it is about the character of the individual not the age.

    My February was up and down and still rising the emotional roller coaster here waiting to see where it ends up x

  2. What a coincidence finding a tutor that has the same conditions. It can help as it at least means they know what your daughter is going through and can work lessons around it. Enjoy your next dose of granny cuddles xxx

    1. The tutors manager suggested it and thought it might be good for C, it is working really well, I had to cancel her tuition today but she emailed me with some information which may help her. I can not wait for my Nanny cuddles x

  3. Poor thing, I suffer from migraines also& medication didn’t work for me at all. I have the odd one here and there especially when there is a dramatic shift in weather patterns. The one thing I know that does work is Hemp oil. I also had my eyes checked for the very same reasons and got a prescription glasses/contacts.

    Between my diet and the glasses, it has done the trick. I also workout and have a daily routine that consists of going to bed at the same time. Waking up at the same time, taking Hemp oil daily, I put it in my cereal and drinking a lot of water and making sure my blood sugar levels are even.

    1. There is a lot of talk in the ME community about Hemp oil, it is something I have looked at but not actually tried her on yet. I think I may get some to try as it does work on some but not on others, there is also a balm you can get that is meant to work really well x

  4. I am so pleased to hear C is getting on well with her new tutor, having someone who understands is so helpful. I am hoping they manage to change her meds to help her more soon.

    1. her new tutor is great and works differently with her but is getting results, we are having real problems with her head at the moment, I am in nagging Mum mode today and on at her with her drinking as it may help

    1. I know one of each now, he is gorgeuos had new pics of both of them sent to me yesterday, always puts a smile on my face :). Her new tutor is great x

    1. Unfortunately not so far, but hoping for some improvement soon, I get lots of pictures of him 🙂 not met him yet x

  5. Sorry to hear about the clash at the doctors, my mummy’s just coming off her meds and has been getting horrible headaches, so it must be a nightmare for C. Life gets in the way so don’t apologise for the lateness of the post x Hopefully the Spring will bring along better times for everyone x

    1. Doctors are a nightmare at times, and then this week I couldn’t praise them high enough, sorry your Mummy is getting horrible headaches hopefully they will be gone soon x

  6. Many congratulations on the birth of your grandson. I am sorry to hear your daughter is feeling poorly, hopefully the increased dose of medication will help to give her releif.

  7. Congratulations to the birth of your new grandson, hopefully you will be able to get to meet him soon and he will bring a lot of joy to your family.

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