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The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide

With Mothers Day getting closer, I have been busy trying to find you great gifts, to hopefully help you find that perfect gift for your Mum.

Beauty products for Mum

1 – Angela Langford Rest and Regenerate Night Serum – £39.99 – A lovely balm that you apply at night and let it work its magic over night,  You can purchase from here.  I have been trying this product and love it and can feel a difference, watch out for a review post soon.

2- Joan Collins I Am Woman Bath Salts – £18.00 – These are a lovely gift to give any busy Mum, the fragrance is gorgeous and very luxurious.  You can purchase from here

3 – Sleek Make Up – Matte Me Cream Lipstick – £4.99 – A variety of colours a lovely light cream lipstick or True Colour Lipstick – £4.99 – A variety of colours. You can purchase from here

4- Renunail Nail Strengthener – £20 – An intense treatment that helps to achieve longer and stronger nails, this would be my ideal mothers day present as my nails are struggling at the moment, available from various outlets.

5 – Hand Rehab – £15.00 – A diamond dust enriched hand and nail therapy. You just apply to your hands and nails morning and night, this has to be the best hand cream I have used in a long time.  You can purchase from here.

6- Beefayre Mummy Bee Gift Boxes – £20.00 – A variety of boxes available and fragrances.  The box I have contains a Room Diffuser, Scented Candle and Lip Balm in Lavender and Geranium.  This is the perfect treat for any Mum.  You can purchase from here.

7 – Make Up Brushes – I have two sets to talk about Look Good Feel Good Mini Masterclass Set – £20– the set consists of Foundation Brush, Eye Shadow Brush and Blusher Brush ideal for travelling or make up bag, available from here. The second is SoEco Face Brush Kit – £16 – this vegan friendly set contains an Angled Contour Brush, Tapered Blending Brush, Round Foundation Brush and Lip Brush. Available to purchase from here.

Drinks for Mothers Day

1 – Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker – £24 – If your Mum is a coffee lover this is the perfect present.  So easy to use and clean and makes a great cup of coffee.  I use mine all the time, it is just as easy as making a cup of instant coffee.  You can purchase from here.

2 – Crafted Fruit Drinks – Available in most supermarkets, these drinks come in 4 great varieties Still Cloudy Lemonade, Apple, Mint and Lime, Mango and Passionfruit or Pineapple, coconut and Lime.  Great to add to breakfast in bed, or maybe a few cocktails, or mocktails for those that want alcohol free. You can read more about these juices here

3 – The English Tea Shop – A lovely cup of tea will always be welcome, this premium collection of organic teas is a lovely gift for any Mum who loves a relaxing cup of tea.  24 pyramid tea bags with a mix of flavours.  Available from here.

4 – Barefoot Bubbly – £8.50 – I love the Barefoot range of wines and if I am out I will always opt for a glass of their wine.  Barefoot wines also do a bubbly which will make a perfect gift for your Mum this mothers day.  Available at most supermarkets


Mothers Day Gift Gude



1 – Mia Tui  – prices vary – Great for any Mum, Mia Tui was started in 2010 by a Mum who could not find anything in her handbag.  She has gone on to create a variety of bags to suit any style.  From make up bags and toiletry bags, clutch bags, to backpacks, changing bags to travel bags,  All bags are stylish and practical. You can find out more here.

2 –  Anhängsel Vase – prices vary – The Anhängsel is the global smallest polygon Vase that you can attach nearly everywhere and the perfect accessories for a Home & Living, Bikes, Cars or Buggies.  You can find out more here.

3 – I AM Cards – £11.99 – Sometimes we need answers to questions, this is what I AM cards do, so simple to use you have a pack of all with various words, you shuffle the pack and choose a card at random, or the card that has fallen out of the pack.  You can use the cards as little or as often as you like.  I have found by using these cards they have given me that lift to carry on and face the world.  You can purchase from here,

4 – Pen Heaven Luxury Gifts – prices vary – If you have a Mum who loves to write, or has a passion for nice pens or journals, you will not go wrong with a gift from Pen Heaven.  They offer pens, journals and travel wallets, along with many other items, you can also have them engraved and gift wrapped. You can view their entire range here.

5- Feasts Cookbook Set – £39.50 – If your Mum loves to cook, and is always looking for new ideas and flavours, this set is the ideal present, it consists of a cookbook filled with loads of tasty recipes, plus herbs and spices to help create a perfect dish.  You can purchase from here.

6- Red Candy – Prices vary –If you are looking for something a bit different or fun, then Red Candy will have that perfect gift.  They offer a huge selection of fun gifts, this really is my new place to shop for presents.  You can view their range here.

7 – The Cake Crew – £1.29 – £1.99 – Get extra brownie points this mothers day with these gorgeous cakes from The Cake Crew, priced at £1.29 for a single cake or £1.99 for a twin pack, these are a great idea to treat mum.  They come in 4 yummy flavours, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Salted Caramel and Chocolate. These are available to buy from most supermarkets.

8 – Round Up Gel Wand – £22.99 – If your Mum is a keen gardener, this wand will help her keep on top of her weeding without getting a bad back or sore knees – available from most garden centres.

9 – Guylian Chocolates – prices vary – If in doubt you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates.

I also wrote a post yesterday about an alternative Mothers Day Gift with Born Free, you can view the post here

Or how about giving the gift of a smile to children with smile train

If you are still need ideas have a look at my latest post talking about handbags, shoes, make up and acessories plus a chance to win a £30 giftcard.

A few extra ideas to treat your Mum


1 – Carthy & Black Yorkshire Cream Liquor – £11.95 – if your Mum loves a cream liquor she will love a gift of this, available to purchase from here

2 – Choc Chick Starter Kit – £12.99 – If your Mum loves chocolate but wants the healthier version, then this chocolate making kit will be a hit.  The kit makes 3 bars or over 30 truffles and are free from gluton, dairy and processed sugars, available to buy from here

3 – Rose and Pink Pepper Massage Candle – £11.49 – A two in one gift a candle that delicately fragrances the room and then an oil to rub into the skin to leave skin feeling soft and smooth and a delicate fragrance available to buy from here


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  1. These are great ideas for gifts for mother’s day. I can recommend that aero press as I have one and it’s brilliant how it brings up the flavour of coffee.

    1. The cakes were amazing, and the pen and notebook is one of my guilty pleasures I just love anything like that x

  2. What an amazing collection of gifts, I’d be happy with any of these! My mum is so easy to buy for, daffodils and a box of chocolates and she’s over the moon!

  3. I wouldn’t say no to that Barefoot Bubbly, lol! I must be the hardest mum to shop for as I’m not into typical ‘Mum’ things, but yes please to the bubbly. 🙂

    1. I am loving the Rest and Regenerate, I have not used the cookbook yet but have looked through and found a lot of recipes I want to make x

  4. I’d be more than happy to get a card but a present would be lovely. For me the English Tea set would be perfect as you can’t beat a good old cup of tea.

  5. What a great round up and so many things on here that I would love to receive on Mothers Day. I think my favourites have to be the Anhangsel vase and the tea selection. I also love a good pen and journal!

    1. I love the pen and journal and have warned everyone they are mine, the vase is so cute and such a great idea and who does not like a nice cup of tea x

    1. Thank you, it is a great guide that hopefully covers every Mums taste and also budget friendly. I have told my Daughter I don’t want anything apart from her to get up and spend some time with me for a bit x

  6. Definitely the nail strenthener for my Mum – I was only asking her yesterday what she needed and she mentioned that her nails keep breaking! Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I am glad I have helped, my nails have all broken as well so am using this strengthener and so far not had a split nail x

  7. These are some great gifts ideas for mother’s day. I think I need to show this to my hubby. LOL!!

  8. Some great suggestions here for mother’s day. My mum is so hard to buy for but I think she’d really like the serum. She’s often complaining about her skin

  9. Absolutely the type of blog I need to see! It’s our first Mother’s Day with our son and I’ve been trying to think what I can buy “from him” for Mummy. Some brilliant stuff on here!

    1. Congratulations on your first Mothers Day, there are some lovely gifts on here that I am sure your son will love to buy for Mummy x

    1. I am loving the aeropress it is great to make a proper cup of coffee and so easy to use and even better very easy to clean x

    1. You are right there, all any Mum wants is just to know she is appreciated and perhaps a lie in and coffee/tea in bed x

  10. So many great ideas! I’d love to have the nail strengthener! I’ve always had really thin nails and have never been able to grow them like most women!

  11. What a great list of ideas! I’d really love to get the nail strengthener! I’ve always had very thin nails and have never been able to grow them.

    1. My nails have always been one of my best features, strong and long, but lately they have been a nightmare and finding this is really helping x

      1. Hah! My mom does this too. Except I taught her how to use wishlists. So now she just loads her wishlist up with stuff and I get it for her for holidays. Pretty good deal.

        1. I am not even going to try to show my Mum Amazon wishlists, she has trouble getting her emails, and I am forever hearing there is something wrong with the emails as they are not loading, I go and load them straight away x

  12. You’ve shared some really great gifts here! I’m a mummy to be and hope I get a little treat this mother’s day 🙂 I think all moms deserve to have a special day!

  13. These are all great ideas, and I adore that they are economical. I can totally picture one of my tiny air plants in that vase. So cute!! 🙂

    1. The vase is very cute I love it, I think companies forget that Mothers Day is for children to buy and the prices shoot up which is so unfair x

  14. Such a good list for those of us who are stumped as to what to get. I love the bath salts idea. Everyone can use a good and relaxing bath.

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