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Month: March 2018

Happy April Fools

Ok I know it is not quite April Fools Day yet, but I thought you would all be out having fun or eating lots of chocolate, so thought I would post a day or so early. We all know that 1st April is the day we play jokes on each other and have a laugh, […]

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Hannah Paints Review and Giveaway

I was recently introduced to Hannah from Hannah Paints, who specialises in bespoke artwork, and Hannah very kindly offered for me to review her artwork and offer one lucky reader a chance to win a piece of artwork beautifully designed by Hannah. Hannah lives in London and creates beautiful bespoke prints from home, offering a […]

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The Real Full Monty

Last night many of us sat watching one program The Real Full Monty, you may remember I wrote a post following last years program, you can view the post here.  For those that have missed the show or the reason behind it I will do a little recap and the importance behind the show. The […]

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Lean Greens Giveaway

Health is something many of us take for granted, or feel it is harder to look after our bodies giving ourselves the nutrients we need. But it does not have to be with Lean Greens and also your chance to give this product a try with my latest giveaway. Lean Greens was created in 2012, they […]

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The Dunk.Stir.Enjoy Stirscription Box Review

This has to be a must read post for all chocolate and hot chocolate lovers out there, as this will be your dream shopping experience, and any chocolate lovers dream with the dunk.stir.enjoy stirscription box. Coco Delicious was the idea of Laura, who became a self taught chocolatier from her kitchen table, and began selling locally to […]

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Online Friends

This quote came up on my Facebook the other day, I have shared it on my own wall previously.  It is about online friends and friendship.  Some people laugh at these, my own husband has at times, but you can make great online friends.  This week more than ever this has shown and I wanted […]

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Easter Gift Guide

Easter is fast approaching, and soon we will be inundated with chocolate eggs, that keep tempting us when we are out shopping, but if you are looking for something a little different my Easter guide could have just the idea for you. I am totally loving this cute Easter Chick, soft and fluffy and has […]

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Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate Review

For those of you who love to look after their skin with the minimalist of ease, will love the Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate balm,  used at night on fresh clean skin, the balm is  a repairing and nourishing night balm  of avocado, macadamia and pumpkin. As I now have to admit I have mature […]

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Should You Put the Family Home up for Rent?

As you look to move up the property ladder, sooner or later you will be faced with the tough decision as to whether or not to sell your home. Even small ‘starter homes’ hold many memories that you hold dear, and the same certainly rings true to the home you raised your family up in. […]

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How to Prepare Your Child for a Long Hospital Stay

If your child is going to be in hospital for an extended period of time, then you’re probably trying to determine how to prepare. Children easily become anxious and bored in a hospital setting but preparing children can help to prevent any problems. Use these tips in order to have the best possible experience for […]

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