Mothers Day Gift With A Difference

Mothers day is fast approaching, and if you are stuck for finding that perfect gift to show your Mum just how much she means to you, my gift guides might just have the answer. I got my Dad an Orca package for one of his birthdays and he loved it.

In this gift guide we are looking at gifts that are a little different.

Born Free are an organisation where they help endangered wildlife, by offering you the chance to adopt, from a huge selection of animals, or how about

Orca – Springer and Her Baby Spirit

Springer lost her mother when just a baby. She was found disoriented, swimming near Seattle, USA, too small to survive alone. Thankfully she was identified by her unique calls and reunited with her family pod near Vancouver Island, Canada.  The entertainment industry wanted to keep her in captivity, but she was rescued and reunited with her wild family pod. She now swims free and gave birth to a calf of her own. Springer and her calf Spirit are monitored and kept safe by Dr Paul Spong and his colleagues at Orcalab.  Born Free has supported this work since 1994.


Ethiopian Wolves Family – recently given birth to 6 cubs

This family of wolves lives in Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains and are protected by the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, supported by the Born Free Foundation since 1995. Less than 500 Ethiopian wolves survive – they’re more rare than the giant panda! Led by an alpha male and female, all pack members help care for their six precious pups.

Adoption starts at £2.50 per month and all proceeds go towards helping each animals survival, and you will receive

  • A cuddly toy of the adopted animal
  • A glossy photo of the adopted animal
  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A copy of the adopted animal’s story
  • Born Free window sticker
  • Born Free folder
  • Two copies of Born Free’s Adopt! Magazine throughout the year with updated on the adopted animal’s progress.

If this appeals to you, then head over to Born Free, for more information.

If you still need more ideas keep a look out for my Ultimate Mothers Day Guide coming any day now.


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