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My Dream Holiday Bucket List

With the weather being dark, grey and horrible, I have been turning my thoughts to warmer places and past holidays.  I thought I would share with you some of my favourite places we have visited and also dream destinations we are still wanting to travel too.



Los Cabos Mexico

This is somewhere we have discussed on and off about visiting, we have friends who have stayed in Cancun and loved it, and even travelled back the following year. We have recently discussed visiting Mexico again and have been reading about Los Cabos as well as Cancun. The area looks amazing and there are some great places to stay and with Los Cabos rentals., you know you will get the luxury I look for when I go away. The towns and markets also sound great for shopping and boat trips where you can see so much marine life.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

We stayed in the Dominican Republic in 2015, we stayed here for our friends 50th birthday, you can read the full post here.  You have to be careful with when you travel here due to the weather, but we stayed in May and the weather as you can see was gorgeous.  You do have to be careful and you are advised not to leave the resorts unless on organised trips.  The complex where we stayed was huge and we could walk along the beach and visit little shops with not worrying.  We really would love to return one day.



We seem to get a lot of bad luck when trying to book to visit Thailand.  We have always wanted to travel to Thailand and nearly did for my 50th birthday last year. We love everything about Thailand and can not wait to go, I already have a huge shopping list of items I would like to buy as does my husband.  We have decided though that we would do a 2 centre holiday the first part in the hustle and bustle, and then the second part relaxing and not doing much.


Leaving London for Paris, What you Need to Know

Our trip to Paris was like a whirlwind, my husband decided to go on a little break and booked it for the 3 of us to go at 4.30 in the afternoon, to start our travel by Eurostar at 6.30 the following morning.  So that night was spent rushing around getting packed.  This sadly turned out to be the last trip we have all had together since C became ill.  We went in August in the school holidays and could not have had better weather.  While in Paris we walked miles, did the tourist part of visiting the Eiffel Tower both during the day and once it was dark, The Notre Dam, The Louvre but only from the outside as the queue went on for miles, and the Trocadero which was very busy but a great atmosphere.  We travelled on the Metro and ate far too much.  We only had one full day and two part days in Paris, so could not get to see as much as we would have liked to, but we are planning to return for a mini break again.



Both myself and my husbands dream is to visit Australia one day, we have friends who live there who are always saying we should visit and stay.  My husband loves train journeys and when we go to stay he wants to do the train journey that travels from one end of Australia going through various places and attractions.  I am quite keen on this as we will get to see so much of the country and probably see much more.  This will be a holiday for when we are older and have no kids at home or work commitments as we would go for 6 weeks.  We have so many places on our itinerary.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde

We travelled to Cape Verde last April with friends to celebrate my 50th birthday.  Whilst we were looking for where to travel to my husband suggested here, and this is where I show how bad my geography is, I had no idea where it was and had never heard of it before (luckily my friend said the same thing).  It is past Portugal and near to the equator so it is extremely hot even when the wind is strong so you can burn easily.  We stayed in a lovely resort and everywhere was spotless and everyone so friendly.  We did not do any trips out when we stayed apart from a short taxi ride into town to wander around the shops. We had an amazing holiday and we both want to return again as it just went so quickly.



I have visited Italy once before for a day trip when I was 11, we went to Venice for a day trip and I remember it starting off ok and the was cold and raining.  My husband has never been.  I keep mentioning Italy when we discuss holidays or mini breaks, as there are so many places I want to visit including a return to Venice, Rome and Florence to name just a few.  It always seems such a romantic country.

Canary Islands


The Canary Islands are always a fall back on place to go to for us, we have stayed in Lanzarote and Tenerife on more than one occasion. We last visited about 3-4 years ago with our Daughter where we stayed in Tenerife, and had a great time.  Two of the highlights from our holiday was a tour of the Island where we travelled up the mountain where it got progressively colder and our boat trip to whale and dolphin watch.

What places do you have on your bucket list?  Have I covered some of them or can you think of other places to go on my bucket list?

*This is a collaboration post with Luxury Retreats, but the post and thoughts are all my own.

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