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Natures Menu Review And Giveaway

As many of you will know I have two dogs, anyone who has dogs know that feeding them does not always mean they eat the same diet. Max my big fur baby is fed a raw food diet, where as our whirlwind fur baby eats a more normal dog food diet. So when I was approached by Natures Menu and asked if we (Max) would like to review some of their range, how could we say no.

I usually order Max his food online and have it delivered to me, his diet usually consists of raw chicken carcass, raw meat ie tripe, liver etc and raw bones (he has to share his bones with Bear though).  I order monthly and it is a quick and easy process.

Looking through Natures Menus site, they have such a huge variety of meals to offer, I was asked what Max likes, it is probably easier to say what he doesn’t like, and we were told a delivery would be put in place.

When the delivery arrived Max seemed very happy sniffing the box and following me closely with his nose held high.

We received a huge selection of the various meals they offer

Country Hunter Range – offers Grain and gluten free raw complete food for dogs, ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies. Rich in antioxidants and made with ground bone for calcium, phosphate and magnesium. Food heaven, even for fussy mutts.

Natures Menu Raw Complete – All the yumminess of our Natures Menu Raw Complete and Balanced Meals, served in handy ice-cube size nuggets. Just count out your nuggets according to our simple feeding guide, thaw and serve. Our veterinary approved Raw Complete and Balanced Nuggets are made with real, human grade meat, blended fruit and vegetables, brown rice and minced bone, giving your dog the daily nutrition they need in a convenient, complete meal.

Raw Bones, Chews and Chunks – Our range of raw bones, chewing meats and offal are the perfect addition to a raw or natural diet, adding texture and variety as well as a host of nutritional benefits to our complete and balanced meals. Our raw bones, chews and offal range are produced to be safe, easy to serve and totally scrumptious for our four legged friends.

We have been feeding Max this range for a few weeks now, and have had no problems, he is used to a raw diet and it suits him.  As for Max he is usually found lying in the middle of the kitchen when it is approaching feeding time so he approves.

There is a section on their website which gives advice on feeding raw bones and chews to dogs which I would recommend anyone thinking of feeding these to their dogs read.

There is a delivery charge when ordering, but free delivery if you place an order over £29.

As said we have always fed Max a raw food diet, I would always recommend researching first on this, you also need to think of things like storage, Max has his own freezer for his food.  Raw feeding is convenient and easy and I just send an order monthly for his food and it is delivered straight to my door.  I am definitely going to be looking at Natures Menu in future as they have a much wider selection and variety than my usual supplier.

Combing its love of pets and passion for real quality food, Natures Menu has created a range of nutritious raw and raw inspired meals that are sure to please our four-legged friends.

With a history dating back over 35 years, all of Natures Menu’s products are made from quality meat and fish, blended vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates. The company also prides itself on using British suppliers and ethical product sources wherever possible, as well as delivering direct to customers via its own fleet of freezer vans from local depots across the country.

Developed with a team of professional vets and pet food experts, you won’t know where to start as Natures Menu’s offering is vast with raw meaty bones, natural treats, cans and pouches all available. Packed full of pure, natural goodness, the range will satisfy the nutritional needs of your beloved pet and provide them with a healthy diet that will leave them with a spring in their step.

Now all you have to do is decide what you will treat your pooch to first!

Natures Menu have teamed up with me to offer one of my lucky readers a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend online at Natures Menu.

I have also teamed up with Natures Menu to offer one of my lucy readers a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend online at Natures Menu.  Please see below on how to enter


Natures Menu

Good luck

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  1. Ronnie & Reggie, twin yorkshire terriers….I didnt name them but seemed fitting when I got them, bundles of trouble :0)

  2. I don’t have a dog, I foster many dogs for a wonderful charity called French Bulldog Saviours. Most of the time the dogs get surrendered without so much as a lead let alone food. So some yummy food for the dogs would be amazing.

  3. We have a labrador cross Rottie called Doni, or if we are being posh Donatello. He was named by the children of the family we got him from, he was 8 months when he got him so didn’t want to change his name.

  4. I have three; Fergie, a grumpy 5 year old Westie. Bailey, a loveable Poodle x Westie who is 4 and Doodles, who is a Schnauzer x Bischon aged 3.

  5. Our baby is 5 months old and called Beanie. Our 6 year old picked it. He is named after a rescue dog who we love!

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