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November Round Up

Well December is here already, where did November go, this year really has flow by and we will soon be celebrating a new new year.  I have certainly had a very busy November.

As always I will start off with C, she has had an up and down month, lots of pain and lots of tears, we have really had an emotional month with her.  We are trying to get her into school for tuition and a bit of socialising with her friends.  She has only managed one tuition session in school, but that is a move forward, although she was shattered and in pain after.  It was also C’s birthday in November, and the first one I have really felt upset.  She turned 14 and there was no party or celebration, we had planned on taking her out shopping to spend some birthday money and have a meal out, which turned into a takeaway at home.

We did manage a weekend away to the King Charles Hotel, with friends where we had one of the best nights we have ever had at a school disco.  We dressed up in school uniform and after a 3 course meal we danced and danced until the end of the night. If you enjoy nights like this they have a variety of themed events on throughout the year.  We honestly had a great weekend and can not wait to go to more.

In more exciting news, I am over the moon to announce I am now a Nanny, our gorgeous Granddaughter made her appearance last Monday, and I am besotted with her

I could not wait to get my Nanny cuddles and she was so good even C who is not a baby person held her and was smiling.  They say Grandchildren are extra special and you feel no love like it, and it is true.  This little bundle has got me totally in love, even Grandad, he may want to act like a grumpy Grandad (he prefers them when they become mobile and chatty), his face just said it all.

I hope you had a good November, now it is time to get ready for Christmas x

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  1. I hope things become easier at some point for your daughter so she can go to tuition sessions more regularly, sound so awful for her. I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend at th hotel though! It sounds so fun!

    1. Thank you, we just have to take it one day at a time with C but we will get there. The weekend away was such a good laugh and one we all needed x

    1. It is heartbreaking, she really is having such a tough time, she had a complete meltdown a couple of weeks ago, and my heartbroke for her, she let everything out and I have never seen her so upset before, I just feel so useless that I can not make her better x

  2. Congratulations on the birth of the member of your family. You look great with your granddaughter in your arms, I hope she will bring you lots of happy moments.

  3. What a wonderful Christmas gift! Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter 🙂 Every time my parents become grandparents they are over the moon so I can imagine the happiness you feel. Much love xoxo.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that she had to go through tough time, I hope she is better now. King Charles Hotel weekend getaway with friends sounds really fun! Oh my god! What a beautiful granddaughter! Congratulations!

    1. C is suffering quite bad at the moment which is always hard for me to see her go through, our weekend away was amazing. But best thing ever to happen was our little granddaughter being born she is gorgeous x

    1. It is hard to watch her go through this, nearly 2 years on and it doesn’t get any easier. Thank you she has certainly made christmas etra special this year x

  5. It sounds like a mixed month and it’s so hard when we want things to go right and settle down. Sending positive vibes to your daughter and such lovely news on being a grandma x x

    1. Thank you it does get difficult at times but we just have to take one day at a time with C. And thank you I am over the moon to be a Nanny and spoil my beautiful granddaughter x

  6. Congratulations on becoming a nanny, she is adorable. Sorry to hear that C has had a bad month, fingers crossed for a better December, which of course it will be with all those lovely baby cuddles x

    1. Thank you she is such a gorgeous little thing I cant get enough of her, we just have to take one day at a time with C but she did smile with her Auntie cuddles although was a little scared as she was so tiny x

    1. Thank you, we just have to go one day at a time with C, but hopefully one day we will start to see improvements. And thank you she is such a little cutie and certainly got me in the heart I am besotted with her x

    1. Thank you, she is really struggling at the moment bless her, the hotel was great and would recommend anyone going to one of their themed nights x

    1. C is really struggling and hardly able to just do her tuition, last week I managed to get her in for it, but she was so ill we did not get further than reception. I am over the moon with my granddaughter and will be getting a grandson next year as well, all happens at once haha x

  7. Aww congratulations on becoming a Nanny. I haven’t caught up to see why C is having a hard time but I shall read the rest of your posts. Xx

  8. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your grandchild, special times. Sorry to hear C has had a difficult month….hopefully the baby cheered her up, too x

    1. Thank you, she did keep us waiting a bit and ended up having to go into have a c section but both Mum and baby are doing great, C was mortified when she found out she was going to be an Aunt as she felt she was far too young, but she has warmed to the idea and loves my daily updates that I get x

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