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Car Safety Checks

As a driver we all know that when owning a car (or even if you are borrowing a car), it is not all about putting petrol in the car and off we go on our journey, whether it is to the shops or a long journey.  There are many other things we need to check, which often are forgotten about.  Yes I am one of these as I usually leave this side of things to my Husband, but slowly I am starting to do these as well.

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Car tyres are the one thing that can often be overlooked, and only checked when we have a service or MOT is due, but this is something that needs to be checked regularly, as it can be dangerous.  Be truthful, how often do you check your tyres for the tread, to see if it is legal.  Luckily this is something that we both do regularly as my Husband has got it into my head to do a quick check once in a while.  If the tread on your tyres is wearing thin or in some cases completely bald, then you could be facing a huge fine if stopped by the police, or you could endanger your life and someone elses.

Car Battery

The car battery to me is something that either works or does not, we have all had those mornings where we are running late and we put the key in the ignition and nothing happens.  Sometimes you know your battery is not working as it should be when it does that sound we all know and then suddenly kicks into life.  Somethings we do whilst in our cars will drain the battery as well, short stop start journeys will not help it keep its charge, as will having everything going, the wipers, lights, heating, radio, phone charging.  So this is something that you need to be more aware of.  If you are unsure just how old or how much charge your battery has then you can visit who will carry out a free and thorough check on your battery.

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Oil and Water should be checked regularly as well, this is important to make your engine run smoothly and stop over heating.  Luckily my car pings up a little message telling me that it is getting low.

Other things to check is your lights, brakes and that all important car breakdown service.

Are you good at checking your car regularly or do you wait for something to happen?

*This is a collaborative post but all content is my own.

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  1. I’ve had my car battery go a couple of times, once it was completely gone and another time I just didn’t use my car enough and it finally told me off. It is definitely an integral part of your car.

    1. My car is not used as often as it used to and sometimes it does get a bit flat, but luckily it has been behaving recently, but it is usually on the days I am in a hurry and need my car to work.

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