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Advent Calendars 2017 For All The Family

We are all starting to think more and more about christmas, and the shops are full of gifts, but christmas just would not be christmas without an advent calendar.  There are so many on the market these days.  So I have a guide with advent calendars for all the family.

If you do not want a chocolate calendar this year, then have a look at just a few of the varieties that are available to buy now.

Children’s Advent Calendars 2017
  1. Lego City Advent Calendar – RRP £19.99
  2. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar – RRP £24.99
  3. Smiggle Advent Calendar – RRP £25.00
  4. Playmobile Advent Calendar – RRP £19.99
Advent Calendars For Her
  1. Amazon Beauty Adent Calendar – RRP – £50
  2. Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar – RRP – £24.99
  3. Asos Beauty Calendar – RRP – £55
  4. TOSH Jewellery Christmas Advent Calendar – RRP – £40.00
Advent Calendars For Him
  1. Christmas Spirit Calendar – RRP – £40
  2. Worlds First Cheese Advent Calendar – RRP – £8
  3. Bath & Body Collection For Men Calendar – RRP – £14.50
  4. Technic Mans Stuff Calendar – RR_ – £15.56

This is just a very small selection of the advent calendars available this year, there are wine calendars, beer calendars, gin and tonic, prosecco and even calendars for dogs.


What calendar have you got your eye on this year?





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  1. Was looking at the kids’ ones the other day for a post (and for a nosey about which one I should get my little lad). Think we will go with a Hot Wheels one!

    I’ve treated my husband to a beer one. So I think it’s only fair that I get one too!! Got my eyes on a bubbly one 😉

  2. I still don’t know what I want yet, as I have so many beauty bits that I think steer clear of that. I got the star wars lego one for my boyfriend and I am going to get a cheese one for my dad x

  3. These look so fun! I’m 32 and still get an advent calendar each year for the fun! I actually used to have one, as a child, that my Aunt made me out of Christmas fabric that had 25 pockets so my Mum would buy pick ‘n’ mix wrapped sweets for each day and 25 would usually be a pound coin!

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