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Blogtober17 – Day 17 – Quotes

Day 17 of Blogtober17, is all about quotes, there are so many quotes that went around in my head while I was thinking about this quote.  I searched and found  a few to share with you all.

Good Morning

This is what goes through my head every morning when I first wake up, and before I have had my first coffee of the day. Even though the eldest two are adults now, not a day goes by without one of my three causing me some stress or worry, but I suppose it stops life becoming boring.

This is so true, family means everything to me, it does not matter what else you have in your life, but family is the one thing that makes you the luckiest person alive.  You can be who you are and they are always there to pick you up when you are down and put a smile on your face, are happy and proud of you no matter what life throws at you.

Live, laugh and love

This quote is one of my mantras, this year I have lost two friends and this quote just sums up how to live each day.

I live by this quote on a daily basis, like everyone there is usually some drama or problem that rears itself during the day.  We jut have to keep calm and carry on as we always do.

And if all else fails, I recommend following this piece of advice.

What are your favourite quotes?



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