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The London Chocolate Show Olympia


Last night I was very lucky to attend the Press Launch of The London Chocolate Show at Olympia in London.  The show is running this weekend from today until Sunday, you can find out more here.

If you like chocolate you will love this show as it is full of every kind of chocolate that you can think of, in some amazing designs and flavours.

There was entertainment from drummers and dancers moving around the show entertaining us, to models walking around in chocolate clothing and accessories, to cookery demonstrations.

As much as I would love to showcase every company at the show, I can not so am going to be talking about as many as I can.

The most amazing fudge from Yum Yum Tree Fudge (click the picture to go direct to their website)

Now I know fudge is not necessarily chocolate, but fudge is one of my favourite sweet treats, and I know my fudge.  We tried a few samples and treated ourselves to mint choc chip, white chocolate, vanilla and ginger.  They do some amazing flavours including a christmas pudding fudge which would be ideal for christmas.

These were amazing, they are all totally edible and are made of chocolate, they look so realistic and far too good to eat, I could not stop looking at the baby shoes.

The Chocol’art Gallery I will not spoil it by showing the pictures

These shoes really are amazing, I had just spent ages looking at them, thought my husband was with me and was at another exhibit when I turn around and find him chatting to the lovely Nina, she really is passionate about her shoes and the work she puts into them.  You can see her designs on her website.  If you love shoes (or your partner loves shoes) you will get extra brownie points for these.

We all know Divine Chocolate, but what I did not know was just how vast their range is, I tried some different flavours and saw some great flavours that I know is difficult to find.  I was very impressed by their range.

This is a record completely made of chocolate and works, I watched and listened to it playing a song.

A few more photos from the exhibition.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend and you love chocolate, you will love this show.

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  1. I always love the idea of being able to attend an event like this but I also think I would overdose on chocolate after only 10 minutes. Were you allowed to take a sample bag home with you?

    1. It was a great show and definitely worth a visit, I did come out saying I have eaten too much chocolate and I could have spent a fotune if I had brought some from everywhere I tried x

    1. It was an amazing event, we thoroughly loved it even if I did come out uttering I had eaten too much chocolate. It is worth a visit to anyone who can get there and who loves chocolate x

  2. I received an email about this but couldn’t attend, tbh it didn’t fit my blog really. Looks like I missed out though! The event looks fab.

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