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Flower Delivery With Prestige Flowers

If you are like me you will love to receive a knock on the door and someone delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers to you.  Which is what happened to me last week from Prestige Flowers.

One thing I love to have in my house, is fresh flowers, as to me they really brighten up a room and always put a smile on my face.  I rarely buy flowers for myself though unless I fancy treating myself, and rarely get brought flowers, so on the occasions I receive a boquet my mood lifts straight away.

Beauty Hatbox – £54.99

How beautiful are these flowers, and everyone who knows me knows my favourite flowers are roses.

As you will see 55 Labelle Roses are presented in a beauty hat box.

I have had these flowers for a week now, and they are still looking beautiful, so can fully recommend this bouquet if you are looking to send a special thank you to someone.

I have used Prestige Flowers previously, and always found them to be good quality and very easy to navigate their website.  You can order up until 9pm for delivery the following day.

They have a range suitable for any budget and preference, you can also purchase add ons alongside the flowers.

If flowers are not what you are after, they also offer a variety of boxes including sweets, beer, prosecco, gin and tonic, tea, pamper gifts, even fruit baskets. Or if you would like to still send a bouquet how about a chocolate bouquet.

They really do cater for every occasion, every budget and every personality.

* I received the bouquet free of charge, but all comments are my own words.



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  1. Ever since I’ve lived on my own, I’ve kept flowers in the kitchen. During my college years, sometimes it was a single daisy (picked from the neighbor’s garden!). Now my husband signed us up for a weekly delivery of wildflowers from my favorite stand at the farmer’s market. They add a little sparkle of joy to my days. x

  2. It’s a rare occurrence for me when flowers arrive at my door but yes, I do love it. Your flowers are simply beautiful! You’ve inspired me to treat MYSELF like you did. We’re worth it aren’t we? 😉

  3. aww this is such a lovely idea! I always love getting flowers from my Husband and I’ve always thought these boxes of roses are so beautiful! I love that some of them last for ages!

  4. WOW! Very nice, but I still want a few leaves to look at it more naturally. That would be a fake look, but this is a great arrangement.

    1. I know what you are saying about having the leaves etc, but I do love this arrangement and think leaves would spoil this x

    1. They are gorgeous and a week later they still are 🙂 It is good to know as sometimes you want to send something different to flowers and they cover everything x

  5. Delivery of fresh flowers that too beautifully arranged is really a wonderful thing to do for our loved ones on special occassions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. If you want to send flowers to someone, I would recommend using them, they do send what you order and the flowers last. I have had times when I do not receive what I ordered and the flowers die within a day or two x

    1. So do I, but sadly sometimes we order and are really unhappy with what we actually receive, I can honestly say that you do receive what you order with Prestige x

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