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September Roundup

Wow can you believe it is October already, this year really is flying past, although I am counting down to December.  So it is time for my September Roundup.

I will start with C as always, she started tuition again this month, still home based, doing half an hour two days a week, or more if she can manage it.  She only managed one day most weeks, but a couple of weeks ago she had a sudden energy burst, and we ended out shopping on Sunday and got treated to new clothes, hairdressers with me on Tuesday as she needed a hair cut.  Also that week she managed 2 one hour lessons.  Unfortunately, it did not last and she crashed again last week, but it was good for her to know that she can have a bit of freedom and fun when feeling up to it.


This week we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and took a little trip to Newcastle and then sailed away to Amsterdam, and spent our anniversary enjoying nice food and drink, before sailing back.  You can read more here, to see what we got up to, and one thing you need to do if visiting Amsterdam is have a dutch pancake.

Since C was a baby, I have been a member of firstly a forum for mums and babies, where we later started our own group on Facebook.  We have all known each other for years, some we have met others never met but are still good friends.  When one of us has a problem, we all have the problem, we are there and will help out anyway we can.  There is always a lot of laughs and of course a lot of fall outs (well it is a group of women), but always forgotten.  On Tuesday morning I was looking through Facebook enjoying a coffee, feeling happy and relaxed, when I saw a post and then another and another.  One of my friends (who I had met a few times) had died, she had been ill with flu and could not shift it, and died Monday evening in hospital of pneumonia.  She was 37 and left behind two young girls both younger than C.  This has affected us all, and we are still trying to come to terms with the fact this has happened.

How has your September been, hope it has been a good one for you?

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  1. How come it be already October!? Where did September go? My september certainly passed by too quickly. was so happy to have my nephew with me for a couple of days and after that a cousin of mine came over. She was here for a whole week. So my September was really nice, altough too short 😉

    1. I know the year is flying past very quickly, some people do not understand how you can connect and have online friends that you never meet but it really is a thing x

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