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Blogtober Day 1 – All About Me

You may remember last October, I took part in the Blogtober challenge.  Which is where we write a blog post everyday in October and I managed to complete everyday.

I am excited to be taking part again this year, with today being day 1, and the topic is all about me.

I am Sam, and celebrated my 50th birthday this year, I am married to my long suffering husband and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this week.  I am also Mum to our Daughter C who is 13 and two stepson’s who are 19 and 22.


I am also an animal lover and have two dogs an Alaskan malamute and german shepherd who always keep us on our toes, and also a very old cat of 25.

I work from home now, as my Daughter has a chronic illness and needs someone around to help her, so find that blogging gives me the time and opportunity to be able to work from home.

I love to travel, have just got back from a little anniversary trip, and also have nights out with family or friends.

I love baking, although I have not baked for a long time now, when I am in the right mood I love baking fresh bread, cakes and biscuits.

We are very excited about christmas this year, as we will become grandparents to our first grandchild early December, I am counting down the days, while my husband is counting down the bank balance haha.

Not a lot more to say really, but am sure you will find out a lot more about me during the month.



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  1. You have a lovely family 🙂 My cousin has ME it’s awful to see her in such pain and unable to do the things that she wants to do. I love travelling – unfortunately, the budget isn’t always there for the trips I’d like to take! I’m excited to be taking part in Blogtober this year – it’s my first time!

    1. Thank you, I am sorry for your cousin suffering with ME, C also has Fibromyalgia as well, hopefully in time we will start to get an improvement where she can start to live a little. We have so many places we would love to travel too one day. I took part last year as well and loved it so am happy it is back again 🙂

    1. I know christmas will be very special this year 🙂 poor mum to be is struggling a bit at the moment, I really can not wait for newborn cuddles x

  2. Congratulations on becoming grandparents! That must be so exciting, especially so close to Christmas! I love baking when the mood takes me too – made some gooey chocolate cupcakes tonight which I’m certain will not help my weight loss!

    1. Thank you I can not wait for newborn cuddles, I have just been looking at chocolate recipes but am refraining from making at the moment as trying to be good x

  3. Hi Sam. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun doing the blogtober challenge. Sounds like hard work but I’m sure you and we will get a lot out of it

    1. I took part last year and thoroughly enjoyed taking part, it is hard work and keeping up with all the posts, but it is great fun and also get to read different blogs that you have not seen before x

  4. I bake all the time too! My old piano teacher used to have an Alaskan malamute and she was a beautiful, protective fluff ball. I loved her.

    1. My boy is a complete soppy fur ball, and very chatty, he is also very protective especially of our Daughter who has a chronic illness he is often found lying in with her x

  5. Welcome back to #Blogtober17! And congratulations for the impending arrival, how exciting! I would love to have more time to bake, but I just never seem to have the time. I am looking forward to reading lots more during the month x

    1. Thank you and so glad you are hosting this again, as loved taking part last year. I have been quite lapse at baking this year need to make more of an effort x

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