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The Pasta Kidz & Petz The Inventing Tubes Review and Giveaway

As I have mentioned previously, reading books to children is something I have always enjoyed with my own, and it is a way to bring out their own imaginations.  So when Bryony Supper the Author of The Inventing Tubes contacted me asking if I would like to review a copy of her first book in the series, I could only say yes.

The Pasta Kidz and Petz adventures Inventing Tubes, is the first book in a series which tells a fun but moral story that children love and understand.

The fist book introduces us to Marc Macaroni and Sarah Spaghetti, as the try to invest fun pasta objects, Sarah tries to invent her own Pastaball which does not go as planned.

The stories also have their own pasta language, which will keep younger children engaged, along with beautiful illustrations by Julian Bray, where you can go a little off track and talk about what is happening, or what is going to happen next.

At the end of the book, you are introduced the rest of the Pasta Kidz who include Felix Fuilli, Lola Lasagne, Victor Vermicelli, Rikki Ravioli and Camilla cannelloni, as well as the Pasta Petz.

You can also learn the Pasta Vocabulary, which will cause hours of fun and laughter

Sarah would say Spagaspoodlespo – which is hello

Marc would say Spagaspoodlespo

Bryony has also offered one of my lucky readers the chance to win their own copy of The Inventing Tubes, please see below for entry details.

Pasta Kidz Childrens Book



You can purchase this book at Amazon, by following this link

*I was gifted a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  All words and findings are my own

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  1. Nephew. Storyline / theme seems good, humorous, etc. Love Italian food. We eat pasta, as well as make use of it for art and crafts, so book seems fun, interesting, relevant, etc.

  2. These books are fun to read as kids love pasta a lot. Using pasta in story as different styles and with many names would be fun to read. Yummy story books.

    1. The illustrations as well as the story make this a great book, I had fun reading it but I do love childrens books and especially reading to younger children x

  3. I would keep the book at my home, them which ever grandchild, niece or nephew visits, I will
    have a book for them to read

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