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4 Sure-Fire Ways for Your Blog’s Audience to Lose Interest

Keeping your audience interested is blog writing 101, and failing to do so will have a major, negative effect. The following ways — from your choice of web hosting services to creating consistent content — will help you to maintain and build your audience.


There are a seemingly infinite amount of blog posts online that tell you what you should do to achieve blogging success, but what about the things you should be avoiding?

The tips in this article will highlight some of the ways your blog may be losing your audience’s interest. From how to organise the content on your site, to aspects like web hosting that affect the performance of your blog, make sure to dodge these four blogging sins.

  1. Write For the Sake of Writing

When it comes to blogging, always keep the term “quality over quantity” in mind. There’s no doubt that it’s important to write and upload content on a regular basis, but your blog posts should always have a purpose and topic of discussion, rather than just rambling about nothing because you needed to upload a post that week.

A blog post not only has to draw your audience in; it must also give them a reason to stay. A post that doesn’t have any purpose or topic will give your audience nothing to relate to, learn from, or become engaged by. This will make people want to find a website that offers something more meaningful and give them less reason to visit your blog in future.     

  1. Become Inconsistent With Content

Now, to sort-of-but-not contradict the advice mentioned above: it is still vital to update your blog on a regular basis. This isn’t to say you should just upload whatever comes to mind so that you have content out there. If you’re struggling to think of new ideas for content, there’s nothing wrong with seeing what other bloggers are writing or looking on Pinterest for inspiration. Obviously, you don’t want to be copying what you find, but doing some research to get your creative juices flowing is never a bad idea.

You should also keep SEO in mind. Search engines love websites that produce high-quality content on a regular basis. By becoming slack with writing new content or failing to upload posts on a regular basis, you’ll be harming your chances of ranking higher on search engines.  

  1. Bad Web Hosting Services = Poor Site Performance

When it comes to an audience’s interest in your blog, you should be mindful of many aspects — not just content. When you first create a blog, you need to purchase web hosting services to get things up and running. In the early days of blogging, it’s likely that you will have chosen the cheapest website hosting option you could find. While this does make sense financially, it’s a rarity for something of high quality to be dirt cheap. Website hosting services are no different.

It’s vital to choose a reputable web hosting company and website hosting package that can handle your blog’s needs. Not doing so can lead to some serious performance issues. These problems include slow loading times and unexpected downtime, both of which are frustrating for your readers. Slow loading makes your website a lot less user-friendly and a general nightmare to navigate, and unexpected downtime prevents your audience from getting their weekly dose of content — as well as making you look like an amateur in the process.

  1. Flood Your Site With Advertising

There are many ways to make money from your blog such as sponsored posts, affiliate programs and selling advertising space. The latter is the simplest and most common way of doing so. Although at this stage it might be tempting to sell every single bit of free space on your site for a profit, you’ll find that doing so can have several negative effects.

Lots of different adverts in the header, footer and sidebars not only makes it difficult for readers to focus on your content, but in all honesty, it just looks awful. After spending so much time tailoring a blog and brand to suit your niche, it would makes sense to only give up your advertising space for companies that suit the style and image of your website. Feature products and services that you know your readers will be interested in.

To maintain the success of a blog, it’s vital to give your audience a reason to invest their time in reading your content. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will give you a good idea of blogging practices you should avoid, as well as those that will make your site flourish. Blogging success won’t happen overnight, but it’s the lengthy process of building a loyal following that will make you a consistent and hard-working blogger.

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  1. I never knew that not writing consistently would have a negative SEO effect. Hopefully when my oldest goes back to nursery I’ll be back to writing more then just a post a month! lol

    1. It is hard at times to write consistently as life gets in the way, I have been guilty of this lately due to my daughters health and other things going on.

  2. Absolutely agree with you. All to easy to read what helps, and what to do, but so little of what not to do. It is just as important. The biggest off put for me is probably slow loading, due to adverts and pop-ups. I hate it so much. I am likely to close off before even reading.

    1. I know, pop ups are the one thing I hate, the odd one is fine or after you have been on a page a while, but when you get them instantly and close and another pops up is one thing that irritates me x

    1. I know, you have to be in the right frame of mind to write, I can never write for the sake of writing as nothing really flows x

    1. Pop ups are my main thing that I hate, I am fine with one but sometimes you get one after another and spend 10 minutes closing them all x

    1. I know, I think it can be easy to keep adding ads,but you have to take a step back and look at your site from a readers point of view and how it looks x

    1. I have no problem with advertising as long as it does not over run the site and takes the reader away from why they visited x

  3. Brilliant advice, it was so lovely to read a post that didn’t have 5 adverts within the words! I have been guilty of not posting on a regular basis, but it is becoming easier now the children are a bit older!

    1. Thank you, we all have times when we can not post regularly, mine is like this lately but due to my Daughter but I do try to post as often as I can x

    1. I totally agree, some sites I have visited have been over run with ads and you struggle to find what you are looking for x

    1. I agree, but my biggest thing is pop ups, I am ok with one but when you get one after the other that is what turns me away x

  4. What a fabulous post and some definitely ring true with me. My site speed is something I really need to address asap x

  5. This post is a great reminder for every blogger and content writers. Sometimes this points are being forgotten. I love the way you put everything into context.

  6. I get my times when I have a blank mind. But my worst hate is having 2 reviews next to each other. I dont want my blog to be just reviews. so I always make sure I have a non review post between each review even if its like todays post which is just a diary insert type about Lily Painting.

    1. I know what you mean, sadly mine has been like this lately as I have been so tied up with my Daughters illness, all my varied posts are getting a back burner x

  7. I agree – especially with the slow loading times. The number of times I have clicked on a link on fb and then got fed up waiting and given up! Great post. X

  8. Yes to loads of ads. Those pop ups for newsletter subscribers are also really irritating as I sometimes can’t close them when I move on the iPad, so I just end up clicking away from the site!

    1. Exactly, although sometimes you can not blog as much as you would like due to other commitments, I do always say if I am going to be away so that my readers no there will be little or no engagement from me x

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