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Weekly Update – 17/07/2017

It is Monday already, the start of another week and half way through July already, and I have not posted a weekly update for a couple of weeks now, so again apologies but we have been very busy here.

As always I will start off with C, things are not good with her at the moment, her medication is starting to not work, meaning she has constant migraine headaches and her legs are starting to not work again, last week I found her collapsed on her bedroom floor and asked why she had not called me, and she said she couldn’t due to her jaw, luckily my husband was at home so he picked her up and got her back to bed.  I have contacted our Consultant to ask if we can increase the medication, but been told no, and to see our GP who will not increase or change unless it has been authorised by the Consultant.  So as you can imagine I have been going back and forward between the two and getting nowhere.  So at the moment we just have to watch her suffer.

I have also posted previously about our friend who had cancer, we sadly received a phone call early two weeks ago to tell us he had lost his fight.  It knocked us all.  Last Thursday was his funeral and very emotional, I think it hit home that it was our generation, and not right.  Not that it is right for any generation but not someone who is only 38.  After the funeral we went to a pub and raised a glass or two of Guinness to toast him, well I had coke as was driver, there was a toast and then a lot of laughs and stories told.

I have also been trying to groom my dog,

As you can see he is a right old fluff ball, he has two coats and is a nightmare, you would honestly not believe how much you get out of their coat (unless you have seen for yourself), now he loves his front paws being combed and his front and the top of his head, he will sit there for hours, but try anywhere else and he is the most awkward and argumentative dogs going, so I have been having fun and games and lots of chatter and arguing from him.  He is now half groomed and runs if he sees me coming, but I will win.  Usually my husband grooms him but he has damaged his wrist so it is my job.

Another reason I have been quiet is that I have been doing a lot of work in the background on my site and now, finally have a subscription working properly.  If you like my site and want to follow my ramblings then please subscribe so you never miss another post again.

I hope you have all had a good few weeks x

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    1. Thank you, it has been a pretty rough time lately, but we have our appointment with a really good consultant on Thursday who understands ME, so am really hopefully we can call this a blip and she starts to recover

  1. It’s so awful that you have to go back and forth between doctors and just watch her suffer. Sending you all a big hug xx

    1. It is, and it breaks my heart and makes me feel such a bad Mum, but sadly this is something we are used too, only 2 days until we see our new consultant who I know is very good x

    1. I totally agree about cancer 🙁 it is has affected us all. C is struggling but we have our appointment in two days for the new consultant and really am hoping this is a turning point x

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your friends passing, it’s always tragic but 38 is just far too young. I also hope C is a doing better. Sending you lots of love! xx

    1. It is far too young :(. We have our appointment tomorrow with our new consultant and hopeful things will improve x

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