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Playing Games Online Sensibly

I live a very stressful life, not with just the daily living, but also my Daughters health and other things that crop up, and at times I like to switch off and go into my own little world and forget everything.  One way I like to do this is to play online bingo.

I know a lot of people worry about spending too much or getting drawn in to adding more money, but if you play responsibly, then it can be fun and that little escape you need.

There are always certain things I look for before I play

  • Money – Can I afford to play, I always know how much I have but I will always make sure even £5 is not needed for something else.  Never consider depositing if you do not think you can afford to lose it.
  • Offers – Look for sites that offer you a bonus offer for joining up, you get more money to play with.
  • Play wisely – if you join a new site, a few of them have games for newbies, you can either play for free or 1p
  • Look at prices – I always play the 1p/2p games you never win thousands but you can still enjoy playing
  • Know when to stop – Never think I will just deposit another £5/£10 these add up, always know your limit and when to stop playing.

If you follow these rules you can enjoy playing without it ever being a problem.

I always look for sites that offer bonuses for signing up, there are loads out there like BoomBingo, where they make it easy to find how much you need to deposit and even reviews, you can find out more here 

I know online gambling can be deemed dangerous, but I wanted to write a post showing that if played sensibly it can be fun as long as you play sensibly.  If you have an addictive personality or know you will keep depositing then do not even consider playing.

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own and I wanted to write a post on how to play sensibly.

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    1. I know playing online is quite a taboo subject, but if played sensibly then it is not a problem it is when people keep chasing a win x

  1. This is a really important post as so many people get sucked into these online games and racking up huge amounts of debt! Glad to know you are playing responsibly.

  2. i don’t usually play games online but these are great tips! many people do get addicted especially when they win loads but you need to control it too

    1. That is the problem with online gambling the chasing more wins or that big win, if done sensibly then it is never a problem x

  3. I think if you play responsibly and are sensible about money then this could continue to be a lovely activity and not an addiction.

    1. Thank you, if you play sensibly then there is nothing wrong with online games, it is when you start chasing wins and spending more that it becomes a problem x

  4. What a good post. I love playing online but I don’t spend money just for the games. play responsibly

    1. I play free games a lot as it is my way of switching off, but the whole thing about playing online is take responsibility and be sensible x

  5. I completely agree that if one plays sensibly it can be a fun way to zone out and maybe even get the thrill of a win, no matter how small. If I play I will usually just deposit a fiver and play the lowest amounts as it’s just for fun. x

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