Weekly Update – 19/06/2017

I know, it is longer than a week since my last update, I am still here and will try to update on why it is so long, but honestly if I told you everything you would really not believe it.

I will start of with C, and she is the easiest one believe it or not.  She has been really ill, after talking to a friend who is under the same consultant as we are, she suggested I email the consultant to talk about C and see if she can help or support as she is just too ill to make the journey to London at the moment.  I had a reply last Tuesday and she phoned me and we had a very positive conversation.  C’s jaw is the worst it has ever been and the pain she is in is awful, she is on the case to sort out home physio for her at the moment until she is strong enough to go to appointments.  She has also requested a list as long as my arm of blood tests and requested a GP appointment to check her over.  We saw the GP on Wednesday and while there she printed off the forms for the blood tests and also an ECG as C’s heart rate was not right (more worries), and she is having these done tomorrow.  In the mean time she can barely eat and I am trying all sorts of weird and wonderful concoctions to try and get something into her.

We had our eldest turn up on Wednesday, as he has got himself in a situation and needed good old Mum to talk to, so had the added stress of trying to sort things out with him.

Yesterday, was speaking to our other son on the phone, he is always good to cheer you up, and got a bombshell dropped on us, and arranged to hopefully see him next weekend for a belated birthday, as it is his birthday today.

I honestly thought when you had kids, the hardest years were when they were little, take it from me that is a breeze they seem to get worse as they get older.

I just seem to be spending my life sorting the kids out, well not the middle one he seems to be behaving at the moment.

Last week, both myself and my husband was struck with food poisoning, but are both fine now could not imagine feeling that ill in this heat, which is another reason I have been very quiet.

How are you all coping in the heat? I am really suffering.

Hope you all had a good week x

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