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My Wish List With Fishpools

Like many other people out there, often when I need to relax and switch off, I make a coffee (yes you all know me far to well by now), and start dreaming of changing a room or rooms in my house.  This can be from just the wall colours to furniture and all the little finishing touches.

A few months ago, I did buy a new sofa for my lounge, and also kept my old one, as we need the extra seating, especially when all the kids are around.  Now my old sofa is fine and still comfortable, but it is looking very tired, and throws are just not helping make it look pretty.  So I found myself browsing the Fishpools website for a replacement.



This is similar to the old tired looking one in my lounge and would fit perfectly, I also love leather sofas as they are easy to clean.  This then got me looking at other items they have on their site to help me finish my room.

Fishpools - Wishlist


I could have gone on and on with adding items to my wishlist/dream list.  I am a sucker for cushions I love them and when I buy new cushions I always go for something that I have not had before.  The Pug cushion I have added for my Daughter as she is mad on Pugs and also shares my love of cushions.
I love home furnishings and have been known to change a whole room around a new ornament or new cushions.
Do you dream you ever sit and browse the web for inspiration, or just because, or do you just look if you need to buy something new.
I am loving Fishpools website, and will be looking at their dining rooms and bedrooms next.
*This is a collaborative post, but the post is my own words and findings and I have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. I’m a sucker for homeware and I love pinning things I love but I don’t have my own house or choice of decor really. I like the sofa you’ve picked and that pug cushion is adorable x

    1. There is nothing wrong with still wishing what you would have, my Daughter is Pug mad, I am always picking her up pug bits if I see them when I am out x

    1. When I get a bit of quiet time I do love browsing and making wishlists, I have fallen in love with the couch x

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