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Where do the months go, just realised we are well into May and I have not written my April round up, I promise you I have not been lazy.  I will also incorporate my weekly update as well.

April was a very busy month in our household, C still continues to be in a huge crash, I think her jaw (well I know her jaw) is the main cause for her crash.  The ME on its own is hard enough, but with the jaw it just makes things so much worse for her,  I had to get her an emergency appointment at the hospital a couple of weeks ago as her jaw was getting worse, the other side was starting to go the same way and the slightest movement and her jaw would lock or grind.  Luckily the joints look ok (as she had x-rays) and needs intense physio, which is going to be fun.  At the moment she can hardly talk and eating is my latest stress.  She can hardly eat anything and trying to find soft foods that she either likes or is not fed up of is a challenge.  I do feel once we can get her jaw more manageable and the pain and discomfort is under control and she can start to eat properly again, then she will be well enough to combat her ME and start to have a bit more of a life again.

April saw me saying goodby to my 40’s and welcoming the next stage of my life and saying hello to my 50’s.  All I can say is wow, I am loving my 50’s so far.  I set off to Cape Verde on my actual birthday, with my husband and friends, and by late afternoon we were sitting in the sun sipping cocktails.

April seemed to fly by very quickly and was very busy, with various hospital appointments and holidays, and May seems to be just as busy.

Last week was not a great week as I had food poisoning, so was very quiet and we just kept close to home.

I have a few things to look forward to in May

  • My eldest son is coming to stay for the weekend, am really looking forward to it, as it seems ages since we last saw him.
  • Our friends Daughter turns 18 this week, so we are off to celebrate with her
  • I have a hotel review to do, and a little recharge of batteries
  • We are off to Amsterdam for a couple of nights with alternative travel
  • ME Awareness month, I will be highlighting ME throughout May, as this is close to my heart

I hope you had a good April and May is being kind to you.

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