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It is a very well known fact with you all by now that I love handbags, as some women have a love for shoes, mine is handbags and you can never have enough handbags.

To me a handbag is not just a bag to put your purse, phone and make up in, it can add to an outfit, or shoe your personality off. A handbag can really make an outfit and I must have a bag in many colours and sizes for any occasion.  But this does not stop me looking at them when I am out and about, and online.

I have found my new heaven, a company called Xupes, and found myself looking at pre-owned Hermes bags, here are a few of my favourites

They do not just stock Hermes bags, they also stock other well known designer handbags including Chanel, Prada, Gucci just to name a few, they have such a huge range of vintage and designer handbags, that you will fall in love with.  Have a look at their current stock of full range vintage handabgs

A few of my favourites are

I could list a lot more, but this is a very small selection of handbags in my wish list, that I can dream of maybe owning one day.

Xupes, will also buy designer handbags as well, and have a section on their site for this, and can also offer a repair service as well.

Are you a fan of designer handbags like me, or are they just a necessity that you need to have?



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  1. Oh wow these are all beautiful handbags! I love designer handbags but they’re out of my budget…I do have a mental wishlist though ready for if I ever won the lottery.

    1. They are gorgeous aren’t they 🙂 my husband went a bit deaf when I was telling him about them haha x

  2. Xupes really do have some beautiful handbags. I’m after two specific designer bags at the mo and I keep checking their site but they don’t have them. Fingers crossed they’ll get them one day 🙂

    Louise x

    1. They do have beautiful handbags, I keep popping on and looking, I will keep my fingers crossed you get the bags you are after x

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