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Weekly Update – 11/04/2017

Last week seems to have flown by in a blur, certainly was not the easiest of weeks we have had, so time for my weekly update.

I will start with C, I mentioned last week about her breathing problems and taking her to out of hours, on Tuesday she was really bad and I was so worried and stressed.  I phoned my GP and got the dreaded receptionist, you know the one and refused to do anything, so I hung up and dialled 111, who were great and I did not need to wait for a call back and was passed over to someone straight away.  They agreed she needed to be seen by a GP at home if she was not well enough to go out.  So phoned surgery again, to be told that no one is available (even to speak to), I confirmed 111 had told me to ring and were faxing over details confirming this, so she said she will wait for that.  GP rang and said no one can come out and if I was worried to ring 999.

Now to me 999 is for emergencies, and yes C was very ill but I did not know if she warranted a 999 call, I did ring and within minutes a paramedic was here, she checked C and agreed with me that nothing on her chest etc, but her heart was racing slightly and that she would take her into hospital, she rang for an ambulance and 3 paramedics were here in minutes.  My husband was working so text him to update him and he met us at the hospital.  The Dr at hospital was amazing thoroughly checked C and talked to her about the pain and finding exactly where it was.  She was diagnosed with Costochrondritis, which although is horrible, it should go on its own.

We came home and the stress lifted from me and first time in days I felt a lot calmer, also C seemed to be a little calmer as well, she was so scared bless her.

I was on the brink of cancelling my holiday before our hospital trip, even my friend who we are going away with rang me to see how C was and to see if I was going to cancel.  But after a long chat with C, my parents and my husband, it was agreed I will still go.  She is not in any danger and it is nothing serious, and my Mum basically told me I needed the break and would end up ill myself if I did not get away, so we are still going.

We go this coming Sunday morning, I still have so much to do, I went shopping with my Mum yesterday to get the last minute items I needed, could not get everything I wanted but I have more than enough clothes so did not really need anything else.

If you read my previous post, you will see my holiday checklist, honestly the only thing checked off is my shopping, I still have that mountain of ironing to do.

I had a great evening out last night with very old work friends, we used to work together nearly 30 years ago and we always have such a laugh when we are together, I always enjoy our evenings out.

Not a lot has been happening this week, as I have been dealing with C, my next update will probably be after my holiday now, as I am sure you do not want to know about my ironing or packing haha.

So I will say goodbye and see you in two weeks with my next update, but if you follow me on twitter or instagram you will no doubt see some photos pop up along the way.

How was your week? Hope you had a good one.

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    1. It was one of our scary moments, the hardest part was watching her suffer and the gp making me feel like a waste of time, at least she has been thoroughly checked and it is nothing serious, just something we have to work through x

    1. Thank you it was scary and although not a lot better a lot less stressful as we know what we are dealing with, will have a great holiday thank youx

  1. I’m so sorry about C’s breathing problems. One of my children had these kinds of problems when they were young and it was challenging for all of us. I’m so glad your mom encouraged you to once you knew everything would be ok. A getaways is always so welcome!

    1. Her breathing is still bad now, but it is going to take a few weeks to go (hopefully) I am glad I went away we needed the break and it really did recharge our batteries. I did talk to her while we were away facetime is great 🙂 x

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