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Getting Ready For A Holiday Checklist

It is now just over a week until I jet of on holiday for my birthday, at the start of this week I was going to cancel going, but holiday is back on and although I have been counting it down, it has just hit me how near it is.

I am sitting here thinking about what I need to do, think it is going to be a busy week,

  • Ironing – As all our summer clothes have been in hiding for months, I decided to sort through and wash them all, so they are all nice and fresh to wear.  Only problem is I now have an ironing pile the size of Mount Everest that I keep looking at and thinking I will do that later.
  • Shopping – I still need to buy swimwear and not found anything I like yet, and some summer clothes, and new flip flops.  I also need to get all the toiletries for the holiday.  Luckily I am going shopping with my Mum on Monday for a bit of Mum and Daughter time, and if C feels up to it will take her with us as well.
  • Hair – Luckily I have my hair booked in for the day before we go, to be coloured and cut so that is one thing I just need to remember to go to, will also get my eyes done while out.
  • Get My Body Holiday Ready – according to my lovely husband, my skin is so pale I will dazzle everyone, and has suggested going for a spray tan.  I have never been to a spray tan place before.  Although he just needs to look at the sun and goes a lovely bronzed colour, he said he will come with me for support.  Then there is all the other preparations us girls need to do.
  • Nails – Luckily I have good nails so they just need polishing, with hopefully a new nail colour I will find on Monday.
  • Suitcases – We have just realised one of our cases is broken, so need to get a new one.
  • Travel Documents – Luckily everything is together, but I have to check 100 times, even before we walk out the door, and on the way to the airport.
  • Travel Money – This is easy enough and can get at anytime, but still something on my list.
  • Shopping for C, and the animals – As they are staying home with my Mum, I still need to make sure they are all stocked up, so need to do a normal shop.
  • Write Down C’s Medication and times – Although we house share with my parents, and my Mum is great in caring for C, and C knows what medication to have.  I have introduced some supplements as well. Plus she is on extra medication following earlier this week.  So will make sure I go through everything fully with her.

Can you think of anything I may have missed, I think the hardest task I have is my ironing.

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    1. I know, it is always the week before you start to panic that you have everything, but need this holiday so much right now x

  1. This is a great checklist for travel preparation. I’m usually not so organized and run around frantically.. I for sure need to start making a list.

  2. I’m off on holiday in a few weeks and your list has just jogged my memory that I need to get a spray tan booked in! I’m super pale too and don’t tan or burn really so I love getting a spray tan before a holiday.

  3. Gel nails are great for holidays as they last so long and don’t chip 🙂

    I always feel like I forget something whenever I go away!

  4. I always make a holiday list before I go on holiday! I never feel completely prepared. Mine is always huge and I always seem to take more than I actually need

  5. This is a very handy list, I am actually going on holiday tomorrow and I need to start ironing my clothes. I will get my nails done at the nail spa tomorrow morning, before my train. 🙂

    1. I have just stood and finished my mountain of ironing, I can now relax a lot more, I hope you have a lovely holiday x

  6. Lol it did make me laugh, your husband has the cheek to suggest you need a tan haha isn’t that what holidays are for anyway 😛 But regardless really hope you have a good time x

  7. For travel documents I ensure I have one printed copy plus one on my phone, I prefer to have the one of the phone but you know its safer to have backup somewhere

  8. I’m currently in the process of trying to find swimsuits for my trip to Mexico next month! It’s such a tedious task!

    1. It has been difficult and thanks to Yodel messing up had to start looking again, but hopefully will all be here in time for Saturday x

    1. I have been and back home now (very depressing), I did have swimwear though literally arrived a few hours before x

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