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March Round Up

March has been and gone, how quickly did that happen, so only one thing left to do is my March Round Up, and will also include my weekly update post as well.

March was a good and bad month for us, I had a great weekend away to Gunwarf Quays with my husband, if you missed it you can read about it here,  it was a very much needed break for us, to recharge our batteries and leave all the stress behind us.

Also, we were invited to do a review on a great restaurant in Kingston Hawkers Bar and Brasserie, if you missed the review and want to see what we had to eat and drink you can read about our evening here, we are definitely going to be returning.

We also had Mothers Day, I knew C was too ill to care about what day it was, but I did expect a coffee in bed courtesy of my husband, before he was setting off for work with one of my boys to collect a car hundreds of miles away.  I had planned a day of snuggles with C watching films and just having the day to ourselves relaxing.  What actually happened was, we could not get hold of our son, he had not been online since the night before, and as there was a time frame , I ended up rushing out of bed making a coffee and passing the reigns to my parents while thrusting my Mums present at her, as I had to go with my husband.  I did not get to see C until we got back at 9ish that night.  To say I was hurt and angry is an understatement.  We did have a belated mothers day on the Monday so not all lost.

Last Thursday was the one day a year I dread, it turns me into a nervous wreck, yes it was mot day for our car, we dropped the car off and sat waiting for the phone to ring, and thankfully she passed so can relax for another year.

Also last Thursday, C had her appointment about her jaw, he could see and hear everything we have said and given her some special exercises to do twice a day, which should improve things for her.

Last Friday, my husband was out for a boys evening for one of his mates birthdays, so I went over and spent the afternoon and evening with my friend as I had to drive us home.  C woke up that morning and in my usual morning chat she dropped in that her breathing felt a bit funny.  I kept checking on her, and she said it was not too bad, checked if she wanted me to stay home, she said no.  Fast forward to the evening I was in Prezzo with my friend, and just ordered our meals, when my phone rang, it was my Mum, to cut the story short I had to rush down my dinner, my friend rang her husband to find out where the boys were and we then had to rush off home and ended up at out of hours at hospital at gone midnight,

C on top of her illness, is now having breathing problems, nothing on her chest but you can hear her struggling when talking, like she is out of breath.  I was on the phone to 111 again Sunday night, and Dr’s yesterday.  I am thinking it could be a virus or infection, so hopefully we are in for a bad few days and nights and then she will start to recover.  But I am not used to sleepless nights anymore.

April is going to be a month where I feel so guilty and a bad Mum, Easter Sunday is also my birthday, and the day I turn 50, yes I know you all thought I was 21 haha, but it is also the day I fly off for my birthday treat with my husband and two friends, something that has been booked for a very long time, and something that eased that bitter taste of turning 50.  With just over a week to go I am in a right state of I can not go.  My parents (who will be looking after her) are telling me to go and enjoy the break and just relax.

How was your March, was it a good month for you or stressful?

What are your plans for April?

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    1. Aww thank you, after the past few days I feel I have aged another 10 years, after yesterday I am now able to go away without worrying too much x

  1. I’m so sorry your Mother’s Day did not go as planned, and really sorry to hear C is having breathing difficulties. I hope that she just has a virus and will be feeling better soon. I really hope that you will be able to go on your trip as planned as you truly deserve a break and time to just relax.

    1. I got my mothers day a day late, it is not a virus with C and a trip in an ambulance yesterday we now know what it is, but I am able to go away x

  2. Its a bit stressful but I was able to make my work and life balanced as I was able to pull-off a trip. Travel makes me ease all the stress.

  3. sorry to hear about c 🙁 she’s going to be well looked after and you can trust and feel more at ease that its your parents. hope you enjoy your break and don’t feel bad

    1. She will be fine with my parents, especially now as we had a little emergency the other day. I can now go away happier x

    1. At the beginning of this week there was no way I could go and was thinking I would be having to cancel going, but now all back on and I need this holiday more than ever now x

    1. We did get our day, just a day later. April started pretty scary but can only get better and better, thank you I have felt 10 years older this week though definitely need my holiday x

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