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Technology and mobile devices have made us doubt about the benefits they can bring to our

children. What is best, children with or without gadgets?


Today, it is very common to see children with mobile devices. Be a Smartphone or Tablet, we

are surprised to see the degree of knowledge they have to manipulate them without any difficulty,

even better than an adult.


But doubts are hovering most parents, who see in technology a gap in which the "gadgets" represent

an innovative means of entertainment and learning for their children, while a factor detrimental

restricting their capabilities, a distractor, a limiting quality of life. To help you understand, here we

have discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Give it a read!


Advantages of Using the latest digital Technology!

There are many benefits of using the latest technology for kids such as:

  • The access to the variety of content available online that helps kids in learning
  • Stay updated with the rising trend of the world to boost their knowledge
  • Ability to depict their skills over the online platforms such as a painter can upload the pictures of their painting on social forums to gain popularity as a startup
  • The opportunity to improve their skills be it creativity or anything
  • Get in contact with the friends and family living in distant places.


Disadvantages of Using the latest digital Technology!

On one side of the coin there are benefits, however on the other, there are disadvantages too.

  • Using the technology for inappropriate hours can lead kids to become isolated from real environment settings,
  • They can become mentally lazy as the digital devices do not usually require them to plan their interaction
  • Sitting for hours in front of the screen can lead to a sedentary lifestyle further leading to a number of physical problems such as obesity, digital eye strain, etc




The best we can do as parents is to take advantage of mobile devices (avoiding its drawbacks), to

balance the use and time that our children give them. For the purpose, you can take the assistance

of the Android parental control app such as FamilyTime that can help you keep track of what your

kids are checking on the Internet, in their social networks, and what applications do they used. With

that, using FamilyTime you can block unwanted apps on their devices and can even put a lock on

their screens either through auto scheduler or using the remote locking functionality. This is not all.

The FamilyTime app offers much more than that, such as call log monitoring, Contact monitoring,

SMS tracking, Contact Watchlisting, location tracking, and alerts, etc. Knowing all these benefits of

Android parental control app, do you want to give this app a try for free

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