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A Guide to the Ideal Italian Holiday

Italy is well renowned for its varied treasures and historical heritage, and as such each region around the

country has its own folklore and cultural character that reflects Italy’s overall diversity in its many

forms—from its artistic and architectural wonders imbued with the wisdom of millennia, to the natural

habitats and wonderful Mediterranean nature which add to its unique and diverse character. Where to start,

when deciding to go on an Italian holiday? There are so many places to see and visit (including secluded

spots away from the crowds) that you must choose wisely to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!


Rome, the eternal city, has a history that goes back to the 8 th Century B.C. and has its general origins in the

story of Romulus and Remus, the two brothers who began laying the foundations around the 7 capitol hills.

But it goes even farther back to the time of Troy, and specifically to Aeneas, a refugee from the Trojan War

who was the first to land at the shores of the Tiber and establish the first settlements. With this is mind, if we

consider the Greek and Roman influences it is easy to see why it holds the most fantastic treasures of the

ancient world—from ancient temples, Cathedrals, Churches filled with intricate mosaics, castles and

perfectly preserved monuments. A visit to St. Peter’s is enough to convince you of the extraordinary skills of

sculptors and painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli. Shopping is the name of the game and what

also makes this city unique- with the best designer fashion shops around this is also a lady’s vacation in

style. Your kids can also have a blast taking pictures with gladiators in full costume at the Colosseum, and

yes there are great toys including swords and gladiator helmet replicas at the local shops!


When it comes to regions in general, Tuscany is renowned for its rolling hills of cypress trees and lovely

vineyards where you can sample the best food (try tagliatelle with Boar Sauce and you will know what I

mean) and the greatest wines of Tuscany. Napa Valley, in California tried to emulate this balanced

ecosystem to a certain or lesser degree! Visit the Uffizi in Florence for some of the greatest art collections in

the world and take a midnight stroll along the Ponte Vecchio for a romantic moonlight escapade.

Sicily has been known since ancient times as the Jewel of the Mediterranean and the Gateway to Europe, and

its cosmopolitan character is shaped by the many civilizations that visited or settled in the country for over

3000 years (Greeks, Romans, Arabs, North Africans, Spanish, Northern Europeans and more) up through the

crusades and all the way up to the Renaissance Period. It has the best diversity of local customs and some of

the best preserved ancient Greco-Roman temples (the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento comprises the 5 th

Century B.C. Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temples of Juno and Hercules), Amphitheaters (like the one in

Taormina), and Arab and Norman Cathedrals. It is also a great place for visitors that want to enjoy the

vacation immersed in the life of the locals, and there is a rising trend among tourists to rent vacation

homes including beachfront villas directly from local owners at great budget prices through sites like



The Amalfi Coast is where the crème de la crème of high society enjoys their vacations in style and luxury.

Filled with beautiful beaches and high-end resorts, yacht clubs and scenic bars, this is the place to be if

you’ve got money to spend and want to live like a celebrity. Don’t be too surprised if you see a famous actor

or the odd billionaire sipping a cocktail next to you at a local restaurant! The towns of Salerno and Amalfi

are celebrated for their wonderful art, churches and cathedrals like the Duomo di Amalfi holding the remains

of St Andrew the Apostle and the Byzantine influences of the 9 th -11 th Century. The 8 th Century Arechi Castle

in Salerno is another must-see: a fortification perched on top of a hill with majestic views of Salerno and the


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  1. There is so much history in Italy and it would be a wonderful place for a holiday. I would love to visit Florence to see all of the art and of course Rome would be fantastic for all of the historic buildings too x

    1. My parents took my Daughter on a cruise and one of the places they visited was Rome, very tiring doing it in one day but said it was worth it x

  2. Italy is one of those places that I can’t wait to see. There are so many beautiful regions that it’s hard to choose – thanks for the guide!

    1. There are so many beautiful places in Italy I would not know where to start, I suppose it depends on what you want from your trip Venice and Rome are two must go places I think x

  3. I’ve never been to Italy, but I’m hoping to visit there sometime this year. I’m dying to check out the Amalfi Coast.

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