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Mothers Day is fast approaching, and the shops are full of gifts, flower shops are preparing for the extra orders and deliveries, and restaurants are advertising special Mothers Day Meals.

If like me you have two Mums to buy for my own Mum and my Mother-in-Law, it can get a little stressful trying to find the perfect gift.  Not that they are hard to buy for, as they are both very easy to buy presents for, which of course sometimes makes it harder.

I have recently been scouring the great world-wide web, trying to find something nice or inspirational and came across a company called Amara, who have a great range of Mothers Day gifts perfect for any pocket.


Mothers Day Gift Guide



Joules tote handbag
£60 –

Ted Baker jewelry
£52 –

Joules pink scarve
£33 –

PiP Studio toiletry kit
£15 –

Voluspa candles candleholder
£15 –

PiP Studio drinkware
£15 –


I love all the items I picked out here and would be happy to receive any of these on Mothers Day, of course the one present I really would like and would be priceless is my Daughter to be well again.

Are you ready for Mothers Day, or are you still trying to find that perfect gift?

*I was gifted a credit to purchase an item from the Amara website, but all comments are my own words

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50 thoughts on “Mothers Day Gift Guide With Amara

  1. The storage bag really is beautiful and would buy that for my mum, or the tote bag. I hope you receive the bag 😉

    1. admin

      I love the tote bag and have dropped quite a few hints, I did choose the jewellery set which is gorgeous x

  2. I love the ‘Nothing is really lost’ basket – I definitely need that! I also have 2 mums to buy for and i love your list – thanks!

    1. admin

      I want that basket as well, I also have two mums to buy for, glad the list has helped x

  3. Great selection of gifts here. I’m taking my mum for an afternoon tea for Mother’s Day x

    1. admin

      What a lovely idea, I love that idea x

  4. That jewelry is a nice idea as a gift. Also the tote bag will do. My mom will both love that!

    1. admin

      They are my two favourites as well, great choices x

  5. Amara is always my go-to brand for Mother’s Day presents too and gifts in general!

    1. admin

      They offer such a great selection and something for every price range x

  6. Sue

    Awesome collection on here! Really love everything 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you, they do have some nice items x

  7. These are some very cute ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Great selection of items.

    1. admin

      Thank you, they do have some lovely items on their site x

  8. I’m buying my mum some beauty products this year. It’s really hard to decide what to get some years as mine has everything she needs. I’ve not bought from Amara maybe I should see if they have something else instead.

    1. admin

      If ever I am stuck I always buy my Mum some face creams or body butters or a nice scarf, but do like to get her something different x

  9. I haven’t even thought of mothers day this year. I never heard of Amara so I must give this a try. xx

    1. admin

      It does seem to be creeping up very quickly, hope you find something on their site x

  10. Amara has some gorgeous gift choices for mothers day. I love the printed toiletry bag x

    1. admin

      They have some amazing gifts, and a wide price range so something for every budget, the toiletry bag is lovely x

  11. So many lovely ideas, I like the holdall – that is so true, if mom can’t find it, then it’s definitely gone.

    1. admin

      I love this, and it is very true it always seems to be us Mums who manage to find things x

  12. oh lovely selection if i could choose just one it would be the candle for me

    1. admin

      I have a downfall when it comes to candles as well x

  13. Rachel

    There’s some lovely gifts in this selection. I love Voluspa candles! xo

    1. admin

      Thank you, I adore candles x

  14. I love this little guide and the Ted Baker jewellery is really lovely x

    1. admin

      The Ted Baker jewellery is gorgeous, that is what I chose x

  15. Wow so many amazing gifts. I’m sorted for my mum, I bought her a personalized bottle of prosecco and some prosecco themed goodies x

    1. admin

      That would be my dream present, your Mum is very lucky x

  16. These gifts all look gorgeous, I really love the teacup and saucer x

    1. admin

      Thank you, the teacup and saucer is so pretty x

  17. There are some great offerings out there for Mother’s Day, but I love Amara and their site really does have gifts of all sorts for mum x

    1. admin

      There are a lot of gifts out there, Amara has some gorgeous gifts for us Mums x

  18. I haven’t heard of that company before. It’s great they have a range of gifts suitable for all budgets.

    1. admin

      I really could have shown a lot more, they have some amazing gifts x

  19. I’ve always struggled with what to get for my mum for Mother’s Day… Apart from wine.. She’s actually really hard to shop for… But that first bag in the picture looks like something she might like!

    1. admin

      Wine is good or prosecco :), I am in love with that bag and keep dropping hints at how much I like it x

  20. Oooooh how lovely are these gifts?!?! I would really love the Laduree notebooks or the Pip Cup and Saucer; simply beautiful x

    1. admin

      They are gorgeous, I have to admit all these items I have showcased are things I would love to receive myself x

  21. Never heard of it before. Will give it a try this year.

    1. admin

      They have such a huge range they are saved in my favourites now and always my first stop when looking for a gift x

  22. They sell such fab bits I chose a joules picnic rug and lunch bag but there are so many more lovely bits.

    1. admin

      They have such a huge range and all so nice, it was hard to choose just a few, I like the rug and lunch bag as well x

  23. What a beautiful selection to choose from. I have never heard of Amara but I will have to go and have look and possibly treat myself as the mother and MIL is sorted x

    1. admin

      They have a gresta selection, and of course you are also allowed a little treat x

  24. chichi

    all the pieces are great but i am absolutely crushing on the storage bag!

    1. admin

      The storage bag is great, and so true that nothing is lost until us Mums can’t find it x

  25. danasia fantastic

    Voluspa makes the best candles! I love the other gifts you picked as well.

    1. admin

      They are great candles x

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