My Weekend Away at Gunwarf Quays


Last weekend myself and my husband packed our bags and set off for a very much needed weekend away, just the two of us.

We started our journey on Friday morning leaving our home and heading for the local main line station (we decided not to drive), we then travelled to Portsmouth Harbour, travelling first class.  I will say at this point that my idea of first class is totally different to the train company’s version of first class.

As we had just ourselves to worry about, we decided to celebrate our freedom with a bottle of Prosecco while we sat back and enjoyed the scenery


Enjoying our journey with prosecco

We reached Portsmouth harbour and had some time to stop at Gunwarf Quays, and have some lunch before checking into our accommodation.

Neither of us were particularly hungry so we opted for a sharing platter which was amazing and a cocktail

Bubblegum daiquiri

This was gorgeous even if very cold.

After lunch we headed to our accommodation, usually when we go away, we would stay in a hotel, but this time opted for an Airbnb appartement very close to Gunwarf.

I have heard many things about Airbnb, and wondered if this would be a home from home or whether I would still feel the luxury of being away.

Our host had been amazing from the moment we booked and all the way through, even offering us a lift from the station (which we declined), to checking everything was ok whilst staying, and even letting us check out an hour later than normal checkout.

When we walked in, my first words were I want to live here, those of you with children will understand, it was all so clean and tidy and luxurious.  We also had a fully working and fitted kitchen,  which I made the use of by making coffee.

Saturday evening, we headed out to Gunwarf Quays and had dinner and a few more cocktails, before trying our luck in the casino.

I did not win, but my husband had a bit of luck, so quitting whilst ahead, we headed back to where we were staying and called it a night.

Saturday, we woke up to a nice dry day, and decided to head into Portsmouth town before, browsing the shops at Gunwarf.  I managed to treat myself to a new handbag, pair of boots, top, hat (my head was cold), some new pj’s for C.  We then headed back to Gunwarf and browsed the shops, stopping at Jaimes for a cocktail (well we were away)

We shopped for a bit more, before heading back to our apartment to get ready for the evening and relax for a bit.

Saturday night, was very classy and we both really wanted a Burger King, so that was our romantic dinner of choice, we then decided to have a drink in the casino (honestly the bars were all heaving and thought it would be quieter).  While there we decided to have a small go at the casino each, my husband lost but i had a good win (luck).  So we left and decided to try another bar.  We actually left, Gunwarf and found a lovely pub, which was much nicer and we could sit and talk.

Sunday morning, was awful with the weather, but luckily once we were ready and packed, it was dry, so we decided to have a little walk and then visit the pub we had gone to the evening before for a nice sunday roast.

A girl never grows up. I still love my 2p machines

We had a nice walk and found the amusements, where I was drawn to the 2p machines, before heading to the pub for a lovely sunday roast.

Nothing nicer than a nice sunday roast
After staying in our very first Airbnb accommodation, I am hooked and will definitely be using them again, and when we visit this area again, would not hesitate to stay at the same place.

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60 thoughts on “My Weekend Away at Gunwarf Quays

  1. What a cute airbnb! I love how warm and inviting it is!

    1. admin

      It was lovely, and so homely, I really could have moved in x

  2. Wow I haven’t stayed in an Air BnB before but it looks so comfortable and its great that your host was so accommodating! xxx

    1. admin

      From the moment we booked until after we checked out, our host was great could not recommend him highly enough x

  3. I really want to go back to Portsmouth. One of my friends live there and it’s such a lovely area x

    1. admin

      We do love it there, we hadn’t been for a few years either x

  4. Such a pretty room. I stayed once in bnb and then never thought of staying in any bnb again. But it feels home-like. Very airy, clean and crisp. Glad you enjoyed our stay.

    1. admin

      This was our first stay in one, and I will be using them again much more relaxing than staying in a hotel if I am honest x

  5. I keep hearing so many good things about airbnb, glad you had a great time

    1. admin

      Thank you, we had heard good things, but I am a hotel person when I go away, but after staying at an airbnb I would happily stay again x

  6. My mummy often visits Gunwarf for the fantastic discounted shopping and the great restaurants, she’s never tried AirBnB yet, so might look into it x

    1. admin

      The shopping is amazing, I had a great time looking around the shops and visiting the bars and restaurants x

  7. It’s so wonderful you were able to get away and have a relaxing weekend, I’m sure it was sorely needed. The apartment you stayed in is just lovely and it’s fantastic that your hosts were so welcoming and accommodating. I’m so glad you had such a lovely time x

    1. admin

      Thank you, we really did need to just get away and recharge our batteries, the apartment was amazing if I lived alone it would be just as I would want it x

  8. Fun post looks fab!!! Liking the piccys too 🙂

  9. Looks lovely! That bubblegum daiquiri looks so good too! I need to look into Airbnb!

    1. admin

      The bubblegum daiquiri was amazing, I was very impressed with our first stay in airbnb it was all so easy and stressfree x

  10. Cristina

    Woahh I really liked how the accomodation looked! I use Airbnb as well when I travel✌🏻

    1. admin

      This is our first stay, but will not be our last, and if I go to Gunwarf again, I will definitely books this place again x

  11. Wow! Nice one! I love that you still make time for each other. It’s a nice way to keep the bond and stay in love with each other.

    1. admin

      Thank you, I think it is important to make time for each other, 18 years together and still happy, I just tell him he is happy lol x

  12. I am glad you got to have some time away for yourselves and what a cute little place x

    1. admin

      We did need it, and it was an amazing place, I want to try more out now x

  13. I never think to stay in b&b as opposed to a hotel and yet it’s becoming more and more popular. This looks like a lovely place to stay!

    1. admin

      Airbnb seem to be more popular now, and so much nicer than staying in a hotel, although I do love hotel stays x

  14. That has to be the nicest Air Bnb accommodation I have seen and what a well deserved break for the two of you. So glad that your host was so nice as well x

    1. admin

      It was a great place, I could have moved in, it was so nice to get away and have peace and quiet, we did need the break x

  15. Love how you got popping candy with your daiquiri! I could do with a weekend away with my husband. All 4 of us are in a hotel at the moment and it’s far from relaxing!

    1. admin

      I know I never expected that,we did need a weekend away on our own to just recharge x

  16. I’m always looking to use airbnb services, love reading your experience at Gunwarf Quays, it looks like it was amazing!

    1. admin

      It was our first time using airbnb but it was great and could not recommend highly enough, from the moment we booked until we checked out, Gunwarf is great x

  17. This sounds like a lovely accommodation. I can see you had a great time.

    1. admin

      It was lovely, my dream place 🙂 we had a great time x

  18. It’s great to hear you were able to go away on a much needed break. The room looks nice and cosy and clean. Wow i didn’t know bubblegum daiquiris even existed I’d love to try one of those!!!!

    1. admin

      We needed the break as we have had so much stress lately, and it was lovely to recharge our batteries. The bubblegum daiguiri was amazing x

  19. What a beautiful air b’n’b, I’ve not tried the site before but glad you had a great experience! x

    1. admin

      It was lovely, I will be using airbnb again x

  20. That bubblegum drink looks so yummy! I know I would enjoy that! I am glad you and your husband had such a great time!

    1. admin

      It was lovely, and a perfect way to start our weekend x

  21. Rachel

    Sounds like a lovely weekend away, I’ve never tried Air bnb before but might be soon! The place you stayed in looked great! xo

    1. admin

      We did have a lovely weekend, this was our first time with Airbnb and we will be using them again x

  22. chloe griffiths

    looks like you had such a nice time them cocktails look amazing xo

    1. admin

      We had a great time, and the cocktails were amazing x

  23. Yes, as a mother of a child, I would definitely love to live there, so lovely.

    1. admin

      I think all us parents, would love a little haven like this, with everything in place and just so quiet and relaxing x

  24. I’ve only been to Portsmouth once but it was such a great city! I would love to go again.

    1. admin

      We love it there, and there is something for everyone x

  25. Popping open the prosecco is the best way to start! The apartment you stayed in looks so lovely! I’m using an Airbnb apartment for the first time next month! Hope you enjoyed your time relaxing. 😀
    Ashton xx

    1. admin

      The prosecco had to be done :), I hope you have as great a stay as we did with your first airbnb experience x

  26. I have some family down that way and have been to Gunwharf lots! It really is a fab place, and it’s lovely to be by the water. Glad you enjoyed your air bnb.

    1. admin

      I love Gunwarf and if the sun is shining, you could imagine being away somewhere hot and sunny x

  27. Just from looking at the pictures I’m with you – I want to move in! It sounds like a lovely weekend (and I know what you mean about Southern’s First class)

    1. admin

      It was the perfect place, not ideal if you have kids though :). I was not impressed with Southern’s First class especially on our return journey when the guard came around checking tickets and told someone this is first class but let them stay there x

  28. I am so glad that I stumbled across this! We are going away in a few weeks time and even though it’s not where you went to I am now quite interested in finding an airbnb.

    1. admin

      I would recommend looking at airbnb, we love hotels but staying here I found a lot more relaxing as sometimes you do get disturbed by doors banging when staying in hotels. Hope you have a lovely time x

  29. Glad that you enjoyed yourself! That is a lovely place to stay 🙂 it must be a nice break from kids. I have never tried first class anything but can imagine first class won’t be good on trains at the moment x

    1. admin

      We had a great time, and where we stayed was amazing and it was nice to just have us to think about. I can not say I was impressed with first class travel though x

  30. This sounds like a lovely little break, I could do with a long weekend away myself! x

    1. admin

      Gunwarf is great for a weekend break so much to do x

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