The ups and downs of living with a teen

Day: March 2, 2017

My Low Carb Diet

I mentioned in one of my recent weekly update posts, that I have started a new low carb diet, now usually anything that has the word diet in, and I start off positive and by the end of the week have cheated. Luckily my husband is on board with this, and we are doing this […]

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The Independent Pharmacy

I know it might come as a surprise to my regular readers, who follow my Daughters illness, and know we live at hospital appointments, or the GP. ┬áBut when something is wrong with myself, I often find it difficult to find the time to fit in going to see my doctor myself. Sometimes, you don’t […]

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Job Hunting Trends & Tips for 2017

The job market always brings about new trends and patterns for job seekers to work around. For those of you looking for, or even open to, finding a job in the UK this year, here is a number of forecasted trends for the year 2017.   The best time to get hired may be when […]

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