Hawkers Bar And Brasserie Kingston

A new bar and brasserie has opened in my local town of Kingston-Upon-Thames, and last Thursday was their launch night, and I was lucky enough to be invited along with my husband to join them, for an evening of drinks, canopes and live music.

When we arrived we were greeted warmly and left our coats and went to mingle and enjoy the atmosphere.  Waiters and Waitresses were walking around with glasses of Prosecco (this made me very happy as it is my new favourite drink).

We found a seat and sat chatting and before long the whole place was buzzing and full, soon we were joined by two other couples and we sat chatting, as our glasses were topped up.

The entertainment was from Guildford Bucket Drummers, we were not sure what to expect as their set consisted of plastic buckets of varying sizes and saucepans.  It was either going to be just a noise or great.  When they started I sat there amazed, they were fantastic and I could happily have watched them all night long.

As you can see from this video they were amazing. (no idea why it is showing distored am working on it but you can still get an idea)

After they finished, the canopes started to come around

There was a lot more, but this is all we tried plus a mushrooms dish as well.  My husband tried all of these and said they were all gorgeous.  I tried the burger and of course the two desserts and can honestly say they really were delicious.

Hawkers Bar and Brasserie is attached onto the Hilton Hotel, the whole atmosphere and decor is somewhere that I look for when having an evening out.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the staff who worked very hard and made everyone’s evening relaxing, the staff were all very attentive and friendly.

For anyone who lives near to Kingston, or in travelling distance, I would happily recommend you pay a visit. We can not wait to return and enjoy an evening with you.


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