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Online Shopping

Home shopping seems to be more and more popular these days, especially with our busy lifestyles, I know for me it is a lifeline, as I can not always get out of the house to go shopping.  One company that we (my husband) uses is Amazon, his view is if you can not find it on Amazon, you will not find it anywhere, and it is true, you can search for anything and they have it on their site.

We also have, and take advantage of Amazon Prime, meaning we do not have to think about postage costs and can get better value on some items and opt for same day delivery at times.

My husband hates going shopping, he hates crowds and queuing to pay, and will just moan the whole time, but he can spend ages browsing online looking for something.

It can work in my favour though, I was only moaning the other day that our blender had broken, which I use a lot, and next thing I know he is saying I have got a delivery coming the next day, and when it arrived I have a new super duper blender, chopper, grinder plus whatever else it does.

I love to sit and browse online, especially when looking for something or for gift ideas, nothing nicer than sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and browsing from the comfort of my sofa.

It is also much easier, if there is a problem, as you do not have to go all the way back to the shop to exchange or get a refund.  You can just contact the company and it is all so much easier and fuss free.

Apart from the food shop, which I have started doing more and more online, the main place we shop online is Amazon, and although we are very happy with their service, I am still old school and can not believe you can get things delivered the same day or next day.

Like everyone we have had times when we have had to contact them regarding something not being delivered or another problem.

I had my shopping delivered last week and half my eggs were broken, within an hour I had a refund, it was so easy to contact the company and a short form to fill in.

With Amazon you can contact them direct on, we have had to ring them on a few occasions and their customer service is great, we have never had a problem with them and it has always been sorted quickly and professionally, which considering they are such a huge company, you really can not complain about.

Do you shop online, or do you prefer going around the shops?

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  1. I honestly don’t know what I did before online shopping. It was a life saver the Christmas just gone when I had a 3 week old.

    1. That must have made such a difference C was about 5 weeks at christmas when she was tiny and shopping with her was horrible, I took my Mum out with me for support x

    1. This is true, but there is still something about going out to the shops and I think they will stay and work alongside online shopping x

  2. I am an online shopper, I’m with your husband on shopping in store, if I can avoid it I will! I have Amazon prime, I love any site that gives you the option to get everything next day… although it does make my bank balance quite sad when I get excited with my next day boohoo orders ha

  3. I have only recently begun to shop online and this it is fabulous although I won’t buy my food online as I like to choose my own and by going to a store I can discover new products I may otherwise not have seen. Amazon is fab as we get all our piano and work books from there for the children rather than having to find shops that sell them.

    1. We do shop online quite a bit, and lately do a lot of my grocery shopping online, as it is so much easier, Amazon is great it does sell everything x

  4. I can’t remember the last time I actually went shopping, I always online shop these days. I did try the free trial of Amazon Prime and loved it so considering paying for it, so handy to get everything the next day!

    1. He will not look anywhere else, and am always getting there is an amazon delivery coming today or tomorrow, but can’t complain too much as he treats me quite a bit 🙂 x

  5. I’m very much a fan of going into actual shops so I can look at things before I buy them, but with having a 3 year old who will not sleep for more than a couple of hours a night it often makes it a nightmare to go out. So online shopping is a lifesaver for me. I do WAY too much of it nowadays!

    Louise x

    1. I am the same, I did get a chance to wonder around a shop yesterday and it was so nice to be able to pick things up and look at them properly x

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