January Catchup

February is here, we survived January, can you believe it is February already, I swear I blinked and missed it all.

January has been an okish month for us, my parents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary, what an achievement.

C has had a tough month, with being in a crash for most of it, and hardly being able to go to school, but it seems that they are all suffering at the moment, so must be the time of year that is affecting them.  We have our appointment with her new consultant in a few weeks, lets hope he can help her a bit more.

My 18 year old is driving me mad at the moment, he comes in from work with a face on, he is tired due to being up late chatting to his girlfriend and friends, winds me up over his dinner and then raids the fridge and cupboards for food to take to work with him, I honestly have never seen someone have so much food, I am now having to hide things from him in order that we all have some food.

Just over 10 weeks until, we fly off to Cape Verde, I am now back exercising and dieting, I am currently on a low carb diet, as having suffered IBS for many years, I have now decided to try this, which if I am honest is not much different to my usual diet, as we do eat healthily anyway, but can say although early days, I can feel a difference and a lot less bloated, even my husband is supporting me and happily eating the same as me, obviously for C I have to either do her something else or change it slightly (she is not only fussy but  limited due to how she is feeling and her jaw), and S well I do extra carbs for him. I have tried a few lovely recipes that so far have got the thumbs up and am doing a totally new recipe each day next week, if I get on ok I will share our meals and how we are getting on.

We have celebrated my husbands birthday this month, had a disastrous night away at a hotel, and then out for the most amazing afternoon tea (with limitless prosecco) on his birthday, it really was lovely and something we have never done before.  It is also our friends birthday (today) and another friends birthday last Saturday, so celebrated all their birthdays with a lovely meal out and a few drinks.  Was such a great night and a time to let our hair down and forget about everything, although I am still catching up on sleep.

Not a memory, not shared a picture of Bear for a while, but loved this looks like he is smiling. He is going to a year old this month

This month, is looking busy both on my blog and personally, so I will probably blink and find it is March already.

Do you find the months go a lot quicker than they used to?

How has your January been, hopefully you have had a good one x

Thank you for visiting x

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38 thoughts on “January Catchup

  1. I’m really glad January is over to be honest. Not my fave month and this one was tough, it sounds like yours had its moments too.

    1. admin

      Sorry you had a rough January, ours did have its moments but wasn’t as bad as some months have been x

  2. I felt like January just dragged so I’m very pleased that it’s finally February! x

    1. admin

      It is a dreary month, I am always happy to see February as it means we are much closer to spring x

  3. Sounds like a mixed month for you, at least the afternoon tea for your husbands birthday was a success. My birthday was in January so I had quite a good month x

    1. admin

      It was mixed but having my husbands birthday celebrations, made it a much nicer month, glad you had a good month as well x

  4. I’m glad February is finally here because Janauary was rough for me as well!

    1. admin

      Seems to be a common theme with January, I hope you have a better February x

  5. Kristina

    Can’t believe it’s feb! I have mixed feelings over this month too, if anything I wanna see how February ends as my life is all up in the air at the moment haha

    1. admin

      Sorry things are up in the air for you, am really hoping you have a positive end to February x

  6. I was happy to see January go if I’m being honest, January is just not a good month for me. I’m hopeful February is better for all of us and I hope your new diet has you feeling better and that C will find some help from the new consultant x

    1. admin

      Sorry January has been hard, am hoping for a better February, I have heard mixed stories about the new consultant, so going in with an open mind x

  7. An up and down month for you, same as me really. Funny that you have to hide food from your son, that’s what my Mum used to do with my Brother. Jo x

    1. admin

      Sorry you have had an up and down month as well, we honestly have too, I feel so guilty but if we didn’t we would all starve x

  8. When months go fast, I find they’re usually busy. I like busy. I’ve had generally a positive start to new year and felt myself beginning to tick of goals/new year resolutions. Your grumpy son makes me laugh! You’ll be needing that holiday 🙂 x

    1. admin

      It does usually mean you have been busy, I like busy as well, he is a nightmare and I have another list now, he is in trouble again today x

  9. i also have a dog a german shepherd called bear, we called her bear coz shes a white german shepherd and looks like a polar bear lol x

    1. admin

      We used to have a white german shepherd about 11 years ago now, he was a gorgeous boy and very protective over C when she was tiny, our Bear is names as C named him and liked the name x

  10. hannah

    January went by really quick. I can’t believe it is February already x

    1. admin

      It has gone very quickly x

  11. January has flown and it will be easter before we know it!

    Seems like its been a mixed month but hopefully now spring is on the way things will seem brighter. I always feel January is a bit of a let down. We get our hopes up for a new year and it’s always a bit meh!

    1. admin

      I think everyone feels the same in January, not long until the spring now x

  12. I can’t believe it’s February all ready too! The limitless prosecco sounds great! and I hope Bear has a wonderful birthday this month 😀

    1. admin

      We love limitless prosecco deals, we were meant to be going to one yesterday but could not make it in the end. Am sure Bear will have a great birthday x

  13. Nayna Kanabar

    January has flown by and Feb is upon us, I am excited as I am going on holiday too.

    1. admin

      January did fly past,where are you off to on holiday x

  14. Living with a hungry teen doesn’t sound like much fun. I am not looking forward to my kids reaching that age!
    It sounds like there was also a lot of celebrations in January to keep the spirit up.

    1. admin

      Hungry teens are a nightmare, I really don’t mind but do when there is nothing left for anyone else, or mainly C as I do have to get special things in for her due to her jaw x

  15. So sorry January was rough for you. Hope February is better! My January was okay but I’m looking forward to February and celebrating valentine’s day!

    1. admin

      February is going to be busy and challenging, but hopefully for the right reasons, hope you have a great valentines day x

  16. I don’t even know where January disappeared to! I blinked and it had gone past. I managed to have quite a few adventures myself and hope to do a roundup post soon. Love the photo of Bear

    1. admin

      I have no idea where January went either, I have loved your adventures, I showed your VIP trip post to my husband yesterday x

  17. January was fab. I loved it. Enjoy February.

    1. admin

      Glad you had a good February x

  18. The months do go fast! I loved this update. I started a new job which makes the days go by so quick because I am enjoying it x

    1. admin

      Glad you are enjoying your new job, always nice when the days go quickly x

  19. The months are honestly going faster and faster, I feel like New Year was a few days ago yet we are already the second week of February! I hope you get on well with C’s consultant when you see him xx

    1. admin

      It is going very quickly, thank you she is suffering at the moment x

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