Weekly Update – 17/01/2017

I know I am a few days late, with my weekly update, but I have not been around, I even turned on my out of office notifications on my emails and have not picked up my laptop all weekend.

I will start off with updating you on C, she is still struggling a lot, she did not manage to go into school on Tuesday last week, but did manage her hour on Wednesday, before coming out and nearly collapsing in the reception area due to her legs, she then went into crash mode, combined with her jaw problems, she has had a bad week.  C and her tutor talked last week about maybe going into a lesson with her friend, and fingers crossed, she will be going into Spanish tomorrow (her tutor will also be there), we just have to get through today, she is still crashed and not awake yet.  I think it is going to be a hard week for her especially as her walking is very bad even around the house.

We had a bit of excitement of it snowing on Thursday, the dogs loved it especially Bear who has never seen it before, I did try to get photos and video of them playing but it was too dark.

Yesterday, was my husbands birthday, and we started the celebrations on Friday, we decided to go away for the night, C would be ok with my parents, and so we went about a mile down the road (ok it was not far, but with how C has been and the weather we wanted to be near), and stayed at the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures.  What we wanted and needed was to just switch off for a night, be able to relax without having to deal with a child with a chronic illness and the animals.  We checked in fine and we stayed in an executive room which was fine,  we went to the bar and had a couple of drinks and chatted and relaxed, before heading back up to shower and change for dinner.  But once we had showered we just wanted to chill out and enjoy the peace, so I rang to order room service, which their smart tv said they did, to be told they do not offer room service on a weekend.  The next morning I swear they had the gorillas and monkeys from the zoo running around on our floor banging every single door going, I have honestly never heard so much noise in a hotel ever, so a nice lay in was ruined.  As I was awake I started thinking about breakfast, I had plenty of time as was woken at 6am), then lying in bed all I could smell was what smelt like a school dinners canteen, which put me off my breakfast. When we went to check out, I did ask to speak to a manager, as there were a few other issues, he was very nice and even offered us a goodwill gesture of tickets for the world of adventures, I did laugh as firstly as we are local residents (which he was aware of) we get free residential tickets, and b) totally no good to us as C can not even cope with going somewhere quite let alone a noisy busy theme park and rides.  To me that was a total insult.  I would certainly only recommend this hotel if you were going as a family and did not mind be woken up very early.  I am still waiting on hearing from the manager, but feel I have been forgotten.

Yesterday, was my husbands birthday and we celebrated in London, with an afternoon tea and prosecco, we had a lovely day and met up with S after he had finished work, so he could buy his Dad a drink on his birthday.  He turned up and had not got any money or his bank card on him, so we had to buy him a drink and dinner.

I hope you have all had a good week x

Thank you for visiting x

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 17/01/2017

  1. I want to go to chessington so much! It’s a trek from here though so thinking of staying in Liverpool and heading from there as a day out.

    1. admin

      Still a trek from Liverpool too x

  2. How disappointing to end up with a bad experience in the hotel when you clearly needed a good respite from everything happening in your life. I’m so sorry that happened. I do hope the manager gets back to you and makes it up to you in some way that is better than tickets to a local attraction that you won’t use and get as a resident anyways. I’m glad you at least had a lovely day in London yesterday for your husband’s birthday x

    1. admin

      Thank you, yesterday was lovely and much needed after the dissapointment from the previous days, I think it is more that we both needed this and they just do not seem to care about their guests, I have not heard anything from them since first thing Sunday morning, which to me is not good customer service

  3. I’ve never been to Chessington before, I’ve always wondered what it would be like for a day out!

    1. admin

      I have been quite a few times over the years, due to living so close, and receiving residents tickets. I personally think it is a lot of money, but others seem to think it is worth the money. It is more for the younger ones than older kids

  4. hannah

    Happy belated birthday to your husband, sounds like you had a good day

    1. admin

      Thank you, we had a lovely day x

  5. What a shame about the hotel especially when you were just looking for a lovely stay at a nice hotel. What hotel doesnt do room service on room service?

    1. admin

      I am still waiting a response from the manager, we said exactly the same thing about room service x

  6. I’m glad your husbands actual birthday was nicer than the night away, such a shame that you didn’t get the service you should have x

    1. admin

      Thank you the actual day was lovely, the hotel was awful and I am more annoyed now at the lack of care they feel about it

  7. Sounds like a busy week as usual for you – sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience at the hotel though x

    1. admin

      It was another busy week, the hotel experience did spoil things for us but it looks like it is quite common there x

  8. Such a shame about the hotel, especially with everything with C. Hope this week is better for you all xo

    1. admin

      I know it did put a real disappointment on the whole thing

  9. Aw it’s a shame things didnt go according to plan! Hope you have a more positive week!

    1. admin

      Thank you, hopefully this week will be better

  10. That’s such a shame about the hotel, we stayed a few years ago and loved it.

    1. admin

      It was a shame, and really do now wish with hindsight we had stayed at home and got more rest

  11. So sorry to hear about C that is awful that she is suffering so much poor thing, I really hope that she gets better soon. Glad you had a good time celebrating your partners birthday x

    1. admin

      She is having a really rough time at the moment, we have physio again next week so that may help her a little, we did have a lovely time celebrating thank youx

  12. This hotel sounds really horrible. I wouldn’t go there at all – thanks for sharing your experience.
    I hope you enjoyed the birthday afternoon tea at least.

    1. admin

      The lack of care really has shown they are do not seemed bothered by customer satisfaction, and I have since heard more and more people complain about an awful stay as well. We did enjoy Monday though thank youx

  13. Hope your husband had a good birthday! We’d love to go to Chessington!

    1. admin

      He did thank you x

  14. Angela Key Milnes

    Glad you share this story with us, It’s a worth reading and Interesting sounds like you had a busy week

  15. Such a shame about your experience at the hotel but at least he still had a good birthday and you had other bits and pieces planned. Sorry to hear C had a bad week, hope she has a better one upcoming

    1. admin

      Thank you, the hotel was awful, but we did make up for it on his birthday and had a great day x

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