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SkinChemist Review

I have always loved my body creams, and since I have started blogging one of my guilty pleasures is reading all the beauty bloggers posts on face creams and serums. So when SkinChemist asked if I would like to review their products I was over the moon.

SkinChemist work with leading pharmacists, scientists, chemists and beauticians worldwide to develop revolutionary skin care products.

I was sent  items from their new caviar range, which is a highly nutritious Marine Complex, Caviar contains Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, which work to balance and brighten the skins complexion whilst protecting the skin against UVA and UVB rays.  Caviar is a great boost to collagen production working to firm and smooth the skin.

Skin Chemist Caviar Eye Serum
Skin Chemist Caviar Eye Serum

I have become a huge fan of eye serums so was very intrigued to try this one.  This serum is specifically formulated to treat the delicate eye area, it contains sustainably sourced Caviar, the serum works to brighten, smooth and rejuvenate the skin and should leave the eye area looking awakened and rejuvenated.

I have used this and have been very pleased with the results and can add this to my list of products I must now have.

SkinChemist Caviar Night Moisturiser
SkinChemist Caviar Night Moisturiser

I hold my hands up with being a bit hit and miss with night moisturisers, my Mum uses them daily but I am very fussy about the feel of creams on my face, if it feels heavy or greasy I can not use it.

The SkinChemist Caviar Night Moisturiser, works to treat the skin throughout the night whilst the skin is more receptive to repair.  The night moisturiser will work well for those with dry or oily skinThis night moisturiser will work well for those with dry or oily skin.

Skin Chemist Caviar Hand Moisturiser
Skin Chemist Caviar Hand Moisturiser

One item I always have to hand (excuse the pun) is hand cream, I have it all over the house and in my handbag, so I was very keen to try.

The SkinChemist Caviar Hand Moisturiser aims to protect, repair and regenerate the skin to reduce visible lines and wrinkles leaving the skin more even and healthy looking.

My verdict on the Caviar range, I was very impressed I have had compliments from friends about how well I am looking and my hands feel so much softer.

SkinChemist Caviar Eye Serum usually £119 currently on sale for £24.99

SkinChemist Caviar Night Moisturiser usually £109 currently on sale for £24.99

SkinChemist Caviar Hand Moisturiser usually £99 currently on sale for £24.99

If you are looking to treat yourself, or still trying to think of what to ask someone to buy you or still trying to find presents, I can recommend these three products and even better that they are on offer.






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  1. Since I started blogging, beauty posts in general have a guilty pleasure, especially since I never used to be into any of that but I love it all now! I love trying out new moisturisers, etc. I’ve not heard about skin chemist before but from what you’ve said, I definitely need to try them out!

  2. I love reading reviews and am a sucker for all kinds of beauty products and love reading about them. I love my clinique eye cream and will never leave it but always open to try other things, This product sounds quite lovely and the pricing also seems very reasonable. I’m going to have to check out that hand cream for sure, my hands look so old in winter 🙂

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