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An Update – 17/12/16

It seems ages since I last did an update, I really must make a resolution for 2017 to do my weekly updates, as I do get a lot of messages asking where they have gone.

Things have been pretty stressful and busy here, I will start with an update on C, as you know she has ME and since returning back to school after half term, she has not been coping too well with it.  We have celebrated her becoming a teenager in November and all our plans ended up not happening as she was just too ill, but she did manage to have a friend over to help her celebrate, and it was so lovely to hear the laughter and chatter.  She has also had problems with her jaw, so have had appointments with the dentist, and our GP, an emergency appointment with her Consultant and two trips to A&E, where on the last she as finally examined fully and has a new condition Temporomandibular disorder or TMD for short, which is making life even more difficult with her eating.  We luckily had an appointment with her physio on Wednesday and she has given her some exercises to do with her jaw.  C is also having problems with her walking and she collapsed on me getting out of the car the other day.  I am hoping that with christmas and the long break she can just rest and have a bit of fun.

I have had to go to the Dr for myself, which I never do two weeks ago one of my legs suddenly felt numb and weird, and still feels the same now, I have had blood tests which are ok (as far as I know), am speaking to my Dr on Monday to discuss further.

On a happier note, only one week to go until christmas, how are you getting on.  I would say I am 50-50, I only have a few small presents to buy, and have even been out and did my Dad’s shopping for him for my Mum, and done my Mums shopping for my Dad.  I have not wrapped one present yet, I really need to start and not have a mad panic next Saturday.

I am having a me day today, S is over at his brothers so don’t have to worry about him, my hubby is out today so C is staying wth my Dad, and I am off to the hairdressers today and my Mum is coming with me as my hairdresser is a family friend as well, and we are going to have a coffee and stroll around the shops, as we have not had a Mum and Daughter day in a long time.  Then tonight I am putting on my glad rags and off to London with my hubby to meet friends and have our christmas night out.

How have you all been? Are you ready for christmas or still have a lot to do?

Thank you for visiting x

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  1. You’ve certainly had your hands full and I hope you all have a great Christmas. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I have mild TMD too so am happy to offer any advice (such as it is).

  2. Ah sorry to hear about the trouble with C. It must be hard. I’m pretty much all ready for Christmas! Just need to finish wrapping presents and finish some Blogmas posts and I’m sorted. Very much looking forward to it. Have a good one x

  3. Sounds like you were really needing a relaxing day! Hope you managed it 🙂 thanks for the updates. Looking forward to christmas. I used to end up getting stuff for each of my parents for each of them! x

  4. Hope the test results come out fine and you feel better!
    I haven’t had a me day in ages and gladly taking one tomorrow! Hitting central london and picking up last minute items for the family and just literally strolling around london!

    1. Sounds like you are prepared, I still have all my wrapping to do, have made C’s ice cream but baking which I do on christmas eve x

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