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Smiggle Store – Kingston-upon-Thames

I was recently invited to visit Smiggle store in Kingston upon Thames, as this is a shop that we have visited before and often walk past looking in with all their bright colours, I could not refuse the offer.

One Saturday in November when my Daughter was feeling up for a little trip out, we ventured into town with both her brothers to visit the store.

We were welcomed in and Amal was assigned to help us in store, and she was amazing showing us all the various items on sale, as well as leaving us to have a look for ourselves.  We all had a great time there was so much to look at from pencil cases, to pens, stationery it really is a dream store.

After we had looked at everything, I very begrudgingly, let my Daughter choose some items and after a lot of decision making we/she finally decided on

Aussie Pals Pencil Case | Smiggle UK
Gorgeous furry pencil case
Sequined reversable purse/wallet
Although I was invited to visit and the staff knew why I was there, I also observed how they were with other customers and not just myself, also on visits I have made previously.  The shop is very busy but the staff are always happy and eager to help and answer any questions.
We had a great experience and I want to go again as I could have brought myself so much the selection of pens was amazing and I was like a kid in a sweetshop
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Amal for her help on the day and for sending the photos to me to publish.
Have you ever visited a Smiggle store?  are you like me and could just spend so much in there or is it a place you try to avoid.
*This is a sponsored post and I received a gift card to purchase the items on our visit, but all findings are my own .


Thank you for visiting x

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  1. Smiggle is a fab store, my son and niece love it in there. It also takes me back to my childhood, with smell infused pencils and fascinating pencil cases that have hidden compartments. Good to visit with the children.

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