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Christmas Gift Guide

It is now 3 weeks to go until Christmas, it really is approaching far too quickly, are you all finished with your present buying or are you like me, still panicking to find the perfect gift for your family and friends? If so then hopefully I can help with my christmas gift guide.

Large Geometric Free Standing Christmas Tree £26
Helping Hands Gift Set £13.50 Ideal for those who like to look after their hands


Trolley Bags – £19.99 available in 2 colours vibe and pastel and 2 sizes depending on trolley preference. Ideal present for someone who has anything or to treat yourself with


Tweexy – The original wearable nail polish holder – £14.95 This is the must have product for anyone who loves their nail varnish. Comes in a variety of colours


The Noozie Pillow – £34.95 I have also written a separate review on the noozie, this is an ideal present for anyone who likes their warmth and comfort
Good Skin Days offers you a variety of products from creams to make up, they currently also have discounts on offer.


Vinyl Revolution offer a variety of wall art to suit any budget, an ideal present for someone who has everything


Heat Holders Ladies Lounge Socks £7.99 The perfect stocking filler for anyone who gets cold feet I am in love with these socks


Lost My Name is a lovely personalised story book for a little girl or boy prices start at £19.99
Personalised gifts from MrNutcase, they offer a variety of personalised gifts which would make an ideal personalised christmas present

I hope this guide has given you an idea of a few different presents

Thank you for visiting x

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  1. It’s hard to believe it is already only three weeks to Christmas. You have put together a good variety of gifts here. I am loving the Heat Holders lounge socks, they sound so cosy and wonderful.

  2. Gosh is it only three weeks?? Sad as it sounds I would love to receive the shopping trolley bag set – it would make my life so much easier! My daughter would love the Tweexy as she is always painting her nails! Thanks for some different ideas x

  3. Love this guide, it is only 5 days till Christmas and I have not done all of my shopping yet.. Thank you for some ideas! Might get the nail polish holder for myself!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you, I still have bits to get as well, but have now started wrapping the presents so making a bit more progress. Have a lovely christmas x

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