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Noozie electronic hot water bottle

Noozie Bottle Review

I have no idea what happens, but as soon as the clocks change the weather gets a lot colder, and we start to resort to the comforts of keeping warm. The cold weather can make anyone feel  miserable with just feeling cold, but if you suffer with chronic pain, keeping warm really does help. This is where Noozie can help.

So what is a Noozie?

Noozie is an electronic hot water bottle, we are all very familiar with hot water bottles and boiling a kettle and pouring the hot water into the bottle, while trying not to burn our hands.  Then hoping no accidents happen. We have tried the microwave versions, that are a lot safer but do not hold the heat as long.

Noozie, is totally different, it is a soft little cushion that you plug in, using the special charger, it takes about 10 minutes to heat.  You then have a nice warm cushion to warm you up and ease away your aches and pains, and is very safe to use.  If like me you are a parent, using a hot water bottle always filled me with fear, with a Noozie you know that it is completely safe.

Having a child with a chronic illness, chronic pain is part of daily life for us, and anything that can help ease my daughters pain is a huge hit with me.  So when I was asked if I would like to review a Noozie, I said yes.

We received ours last week, and have not stop using it since.

Of course I had to have first try to see how it worked, and as I had a stiff neck at the time, was an ideal time to try it. Next was my Daughter, and she has fallen in love with it, for the softness and the warmth and just to cuddle it.  It does seem to have helped her pains slightly.  My Mum who is a nightmare when the weather turns colder, has tried it and did not want to give it back to me.

You can find out more about Noozie and how you can win your own here.

My honest opinion on the Noozie is, when I was first asked about it, was not sure if it would be any different or easier to use than an ordinary hot water bottle. But anything that could help my Daughter I am willing to try. I am sold, we love it and would happily recommend this to anyone.  Especially those who do suffer with chronic pain, as it holds the heat for approximately 6 hours.

*I was sent this product free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own



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  1. This sounds like a thing I should try! I suffer from back and neck pain, and never know what to use… and as you said, with the cold weather it’s even worst :(. Need to get one of these 🙂

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