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A Letter to My Daughter on her 13th Birthday

Today my beautiful daughter turns 13, she is a teenager (finally).

Dear C

Today is your birthday, you have finally become a teenager.  We have laughed and joked about you suddenly turning into ‘Kevin the teenager’, we do get the occasional grunt and shrugs.

I remember when you were a newborn in my arms, thinking about the future and how it felt impossible that you would be a teenager, but here you are.

Last year, we talked about your birthday this year, how we were going to celebrate it and talked about how you would like to celebrate and how special we were going to make it, as turning into a teenager is a special time.

You have had such a tough year, but you still carry on, we have laughed and cried together, due to your horrible illness.  You are not well enough to celebrate fully so all our plans are on hold, until the day you are stronger, and then you will get a huge celebration and more.

Yesterday, you supervised the making of your cake, before going back to bed.  Today, instead of having us all up very early, we did not see you until quite late, where you opened your cards and presents.  We have no big celebrations planned and are taking the day at your pace.

Your maturity, astounds us daily, and my heart breaks for you, seeing you smile but the pain in your eyes, when friends are out having fun and you are stuck in bed too ill or in too much pain to do anything.

You are turning into such a beautiful and kind young lady, who make both myself and your Dad so proud.

Happy Birthday sweetheart

Love you

Mum xxx


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  1. Haha Kevin the Teenager gosh it takes me back to that skit – hopefully she will not and I’m sure you know that won’t be the case lol. Bless her, I hope she enjoys her day and I’m glad that she participated in making her cake yesterday xo HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!!

    1. Haha everyone is thinking the same. Tell your Mummy to cherish every single second as it does go way too fast, and you babies don’t slow down x

  2. I hope she had the best possible birthday she could. Sounds like you tried to make it as special for her as you could. Lovely letter to her to x

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