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Blogtober Day 27 – The Place I Would Most Like To Visit

Today in the blogtober challenge we are finding out the place I would most like to visit.  This is quite a difficult one as there are so many places I would love to go to.

The one place I have chosen, which we have talked about going to for so long is Iceland and to see the Northern Lights.

We have been trying to get to Iceland for the past few years now, we have talked about it, planned it, replanned it, talked about it some more, but something always seems to come up, and we have never got around to booking.  My Daughter would love to go and so we are now waiting until she is hopefully well enough to go with us, so she can enjoy the whole experience.

Iceland, is such a beautiful country and the northern lights (if you are lucky to witness them) are out of this world, and something I really hope we see when we finally get to visit.

Also, you can not forget the Blue Lagoon, a natural spa pool where you can relax and cover yourself in mud.

I will get to Iceland one day, maybe next year if we can fit it in, as we are all ready booked to go to Cape Verde in April and hopefully Thailand in September, with maybe a cruise in August.

Where would be the one place you would like to visit?

Olivia from The Float Spa says ‘natural spa pools and mud treatments are a perfect way to relieve the pain and stress of day-to-day life.




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  1. You don’t need to go to Iceland to see the northern lights. You can stay in the UK and see them – come visit us here in Shetland! I quite enjoy sitting on my back step with a glass of wine in hand watching the skies on fire above me! 🙂

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