Blogtober Day 22 – My Biggest Accomplishment

Today is Day 22 and todays topic on the blogtober challenge, is all about my biggest accomplishment, this one was easy to think about.

Becoming a Mum has been my biggest accomplishment ever.  Those who are regular readers will have seen my post last year, and recently reshared for babyloss awareness week.  If you missed my post you can find it here, and you can see why.

I became a Stepmum, before I became a Mum so had to jump in feet first, pull up my sleeves and get on with having children in my care and relying on me.  This started my yearning to become a Mum to my own child, not to replace my stepchildren but to add to our family.

As you will see from my previous post, I had one hell of a journey, but one that ended with me finally saying I am a Mummy.

My Daughter is turning 13 in a few weeks, and the love I felt for her the moment she was born and placed in my arms, has just got stronger.

The boys took to having a baby sister very well, and we have had the stages where they all hated each other and you could not leave them for a second, without war breaking out over the most stupidest of things.

But now they are a joy to watch together, the boys are now 18 and 21 and since their sister has become ill, the protectiveness over her is so strong.  But the thing I love the most is watching them all come alive when they are together, seeing them laugh together, chat together and the banter that goes on between them is just so funny.

I am sure regular readers will not be surprised at my biggest accomplishment, as my kids are my world, it is tough at times and my life has changed totally, but I am so very proud of them all and how they have all grown.

What is your biggest accomplishment?



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24 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 22 – My Biggest Accomplishment

  1. What a beautiful post – I hope your children read this! It will no doubt mean so much to them. I also read the baby loss post and it meant a lot to me. I have known a few friends and family members who have miscarried. I know I can’t imagine what it feels like, but I suppose it made holding your daughter in yours arms that much more precious! Thank you sharing your story and raising awareness to others in your situation 🙂

    1. admin

      Thank you, my children all know how I feel, I make sure all three of them know how special they are to me. My babyloss post was written both as a bit of therapy to me and also to let others know not to give up and there could be a happy ending x

  2. What a lovely post. I hope one day I get to be a mum too as I definitely think it’s one of the best accomplishments there is xx

    1. admin

      I am sure you will, it is such an amazing thing to become and the best thing to have happened to me x

  3. Awww this is such a beautiful post, your children should totally read it x

    1. admin

      Thank you, they may read it one day x

  4. Daniel

    I don’t have kids yet but it I do have a dog. Even though they are a handful, you can’t live without them

    1. admin

      My dogs are like children to me as well, and agree you cant live without them x

  5. Aww! How lovely! So glad you got to become a mother!

    1. admin

      So am I thank you x

  6. nicol

    it’s absolutely beautiful how much love you have for your children. you are a wonderful mother

    1. admin

      Thank you, they are my world x

  7. francesca

    This is so lovely!!! I agree though becoming a mother is my biggest achievement and the one I’m for sure the most proud of!!

    1. admin

      It is my biggest achievement x

  8. Being a mum is my biggest accomplishment. My children are my world.

  9. I guess my biggest achievements so far since I am not a mum yet are all education based and security such a lovely job and starting my masters i guess

    1. admin

      Such great achievements

  10. Hannah

    This is so lovely, I hope to be a mum one day!

    1. admin

      Thank you, am sure you will x

  11. Ahhh what a lovely post. I have 3 children and I’d say that is one of my biggest accomplishments.

    1. admin

      Thank you, our kids seem to be getting a lot of mentions on this topic x

  12. What a lovely post! I don’t have any children yet but my biggest achievement has to be turning my passion into my life – something I never thought would happen! x

    1. admin

      Thank you, that is a great achievement well done x

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