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blogtober Day 19 – 10 Favourite Foods

Day 19 already of blogtober, today is all about my 10 favourite foods, a very happy topic for me, we all need and love food, I just need to bring my list down to 10.

So, here goes my 10 favourite foods

  1. Chocolate – this had to be number 1, I am a woman I love and need chocolate
  2. Fresh Bread – I love nothing more than bread still warm and fresh from the oven, the smell alone can make me hungry.  My Daughter also loves it when I have my baking moments and make my own
  3. Thai – I have always liked Thai curries and my husband can make a mean green curry, but we have recently found a great restaurant (that also delivers) and does the most amazing food ever.
  4. Casseroles – These are my comfort dinners, especially when it is cold and horrible outside, nothing more satisfying
  5. Chips – Freshly cooked from the fish and chips shop, walking along the seafront is even nicer
  6. Cake – Any type of cake, I am always being asked to make chocolate cake, lemon drizzle or coffee by my family and I am always happy to oblige.
  7. Jacket Potatoes – these are just so versatile and can be eaten in so many ways and something my whole family will eat without at least one person moaning
  8. Summer Fruits – I am talking strawberries, cherries, peaches that all taste so much nicer in the summer and our my favourite fruits
  9. Apple Crumble and Custard – one of my favourite desserts it needs no explanation really
  10. Pasta – this is something I love but hardly eat as my husband is not a keen pasta fan, so every opportunity I can get to have pasta I will

So there you go my 10 favourite foods.  What is in your top 10?




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  1. I made a Casserole for the first time last week, think I might make a vegetarian one again today. I do love some fish and chips and pizza – omg pizza mmm

    1. I was very close to putting cheese on my list, my Daughter would have had to put cheese on hers I craved it in pregnancy and she eats it most days

  2. Ahhhh, I’m left craving chocolate straight away as soon as I started reading haha. Totally with you on the fresh bread and pasta, you can’t beat the carbs. 😉 I’d definitely have cheese on the list too, and probably salmon! I’m a sucker for salmon. 🙂

    Ashton x

    1. I am sorry for your chocolate craving, but it is a must, yes I do love my carbs, not a keen salmon fan so that would never appear on my list unfortunately x

  3. hahaha YES I love that chocolate holds number one spot!! I also love a bloody chip I need to stop!! I love thai and eastern asian food to its my fave and I’m Italian so I LOVE pasta!!

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